USC-Alabama Game In 2020 Appears Set

Alabama is due to receive $6 million to play USC again at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sept. 5, 2020, according to a copy of the Crimson Tide contract.

The amount USC will be paid is unknown at this time. Alabama will be the home team and USC the visiting team (again). Broadcast rights will be assigned to the SEC, which means CBS or an ESPN network would televise the game.

At least Clay Helton should have the Trojans better prepared this time around. If he is still USC’s coach.


10 thoughts on “USC-Alabama Game In 2020 Appears Set

  1. SC bent over and took it like the bi$ches they are. In the old days, it would be a home and home series, gates and money would be split, and the home or ABC would get it televised. Who negotiated this? Horrible. And I would say it to there face. SC will only get $3.5 million. Horrible. Now what happens if bama gets messed up in 2019 and USC wins the national championship? People did not think this out.

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    1. Agree 100%. ND & Texas both negotiated home & home games with Bama. They understand that Bama needs them mpore than they need Bama. How come nobody at SC understands this? And for the second time, they are playing into Saban’s hand with an early game that is in essence a “home game” for Bama. Bama are still one of the top programs whereas Helton has yet to prove himself against top programs.
      I guess Bama had to respect the “Big Boys”. SC caving the way they did pretty much puts them in the cannon-fodder category where they are just happy to play such a “quality” team.
      If you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will either.
      Shame, where this program has fallen.


  2. this is not a neutral site for bama, it is only 900 miles away. they can pile into uncle jed’s truck and drive there in one day. I am flumaxed at this.


    1. Even though we all know that the person who actually made that ‘pain’ prediction (the lovable Mr. T/Fearsome Clubber Lang/Gentleman who let Nancy Reagan sit on his knee when she got tired) got his ass knocked unconscious, you still might be right, Charlie…..


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