Jury Sides With NCAA In Todd McNair Case

The Todd McNair case is finally over. The jury sided with the NCAA today, as it voted 9-3 that the NCAA did not make false statements against McNair.

This is going to be a shocking verdict to USC fans and you will see incredible outrage from the USC Internet media crowd, who have been foaming at the mouth over the McNair case for years.

They incorrectly made McNair the face of their anger toward the NCAA.

I have always said the NCAA was unjust with its draconian sanctions. But that is a different matter.

Instead of focusing on the innocent players who were not allowed to go to bowl games or not given a scholarship because of the 30-scholarship reduction, they made McNair their cause.

If a jury voted 9-3 on a key aspect of the case, that means it saw things quite differently.

“I’d like to thank the Trojan fans for all of the support the last 7 years,” McNair said. “It means a lot.”

One other thing: If you followed media accounts of the trial, you would hear what a great job McNair’s attorney, Bruce Broillet, did at the trial.

But it appears he made a critical mistake when he dropped negligence and breach of contract counts against the NCAA before closing arguments. The head juror said he believed McNair would have won on those counts.


18 thoughts on “Jury Sides With NCAA In Todd McNair Case

  1. Mistrial, do it over. One dude or dudette did not understand English let alone the case. The judge should have kicked them out and got someone else. Do it over until they find the ncaa guilty. That is what the ncaa did to usc and mcnair.


      1. Upchuck, the juror stayed on the jury. The juror was probably an ugly grad who graduated with a degree in pizza delivery.


  2. Foreman thought that McNair could have won on negligence, breach of contract. Dropped those claims before closing. But can’t ask for $27,000,000 for simple negligence/breach of contract.

    Broilett is one of the best trial attorneys in the country. Still, seems he got a little greedy.

    Bad day for Dan Weber/USC Football.com. Vindicates Scott’s complaints that the USC Fan Media is not credible.


  3. wolfman, you KNOW i am loathe to EVER disagree with you on you own blog……BUT, you come off sounding like you din’t think McNair would win and that the NCAA was not that much out of line.
    i have stated for YEARS the so called biased emails from the NCAA agents were merely statements of FACT! McNair was in FACT a criminal and a liar. the MOUNTAINS of evidence showing he was thick as thieves with Lake and Reggie….Photos, phone calls, shaky alibi, etc!!!!

    so amusing 99% of trOXans thought McNair would win huge, but after hearing the evidence we have all known for years, it wasn’t even CLOSE!!!



  4. Too funny.

    How dumb are these dummies?!

    You cheat, you lose… capiche?

    Oh, and get ready to get bent over by your very own in the class action suit for the pervy creep of a gynecologist.

    Southern Cal is rotten to the core.

    Chip and the boys will make them pay.


  5. Why are mixing two cases? McNair had a bad jury. That’s on the legal team. But it was roll of the dice they took. It’s over move on. Unless there was collusion there nothing more to see here.


  6. Doesn’t change the fact NCAA totally over-reached and unfairly punished the school. See this comment from a juror:

    But we do have this quote to hang out hat on …

    “I don’t think the NCAA should come away from this thinking they did things right,” Bruno told the group as several jurors nodded. “I think the entire jury room was very, very disappointed and we wanted to do something. … I think it’s very clear they weren’t following their own bylaws.”


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