Where Would USC Be With Competent Leadership?

Do you ever wonder where USC might be with competent leadership?

Let’s consider: Athletic director Mike Garrett was so uncooperative with the NCAA, it led to the organization’s draconian sanctions against the university. He also hired Lane Kiffin to replace Pete Carroll.

Athletic director Pat Haden then kept Kiffin too long and hired Steve Sarkisian, who was championed by no one outside his cronies in the athletic dept. His big move was to hire Clay Helton without a proper coaching search and the jury is still out on Helton.

Haden then had his non-profit scandals as he made his exit.

USC president Max Nikias is currently mired in his own scandals with the former medical school dean and health center gynecologist.

It’s stunning how the Board of Trustees blindly supports Nikias, happy to hide behind his $6 billion fundraising campaign.

You could also hold Nikias responsible for making Haden the athletic director plus Lynn Swann his successor even though Swann has no experience.

Swann’s not exactly distinguished himself by giving Clay Helton a five-year contract extension after last year’s sloppy season and no College Football Playoff appearances with Sam Darnold.

Plus, it’s hard to tell where he stands half the time because he keeps a fairly low profile unless hiring a minor sport coach at a thrifty salary.

If USC just had neutral leadership, it would be a lot better off.


10 thoughts on “Where Would USC Be With Competent Leadership?

  1. Scooter,

    Truthful article. Very good. You should have gone into detail how Haden destroyed the Coli for his 23 stooges. Horrible times at USC. It will take years to recover from the school and sports problems. I thought Swann was going to improve the coaching. He didn’t. All he did was lower the football coaches salary to save USC some money which is not reflected in the ticket prices.


  2. I like how Scottie conveniently left out the hiring of Pete Carroll. Incompetent? Not so much. First choice? No way, but results matter.

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    1. By intentionally leaving Pete Carroll’s name out of this piece, Scott has “lost the moral authority” to continue to lead us…..


      1. What you’re trying to say is that they Magoo’d into it. Reasonable argument. Not a good one.


  3. Where would this country be with competent leadership? Where would this blog be with competent leadership? I don’t know. Neither does Scottie Doo


  4. We left our Haden’s refusal to go after the NCAA. Haden asked for penalties to be reduced, but took no for an answer. Penn State didn’t take no for an answer and took the NCAA to court. Boom reduction.


  5. Asked AD Swann tonight at the Trojan Huddle would there be any changes in Men Volleyball. His one word answer was “Nope”. Unreal he could be satisfied with an 8 – 20 record after three years with Coach Nygaard.


  6. That ‘five year extension’ is not firm whatsoever – the only hard dollars were the ones Helton got from Haden – 3 years. If Helton loses two or more – good bye nd good riddance – shuffle on back to Bowling Green-KY ‘Clay’.

    As to Nikias all should read the Times today and the comments towards the end of the front page article about what a number of professors are saying specufic to Nikias and the way USC’s oversight is structured. Not in any way moving any guilt away from Nikias but each (until 23rd May2018) entity on the campus is a fiefdom of its’ own. How it polices itself, when it chooses to report any wrong doing, who is privy to what is going on below top mgmt. from outside that specific dept..

    Nikias may survive and he may not….a lot will depend on what changes are made in the wake of this monster Tyndall as well as the wreckage left by Porfiriato. Be good to see someone ask for Haden to be set packing once and for all as he was so pointed re. McNair, Floyd and Bush none of whom plundered a non-profit as Haden did.


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