USC In National Spotlight For All Wrong Reasons

When USC is the lead story on the NBC Nightly News, you know the university is in the midst of a full-blown meltdown.

But will things deteriorate enough for president Max Nikias to step down?

The only way that would happen is if the Board of Trustees acted like his boss. Instead, they act like they work for him.

I’ve yet to see a trustee ever act like Nikias wasn’t the greatest thing to ever happen to USC. They see the billions he has raised at USC and none of them ever take a stand.

Did you see how fast the Board of Trustees issued a statement of support for Nikias? It had to come at his request.

Did you know the Board of Trustees has several women with sports backgrounds?

  • There’s Lakers president Jeanie Buss.
  • There’s Michele Dedeaux Engemann, the daughter of legendary baseball coach Rod Dedeaux. Her last name adorns the student health center, which is currently Ground Zero in the current controversy.
  • There’s Heliane Steden, who was a women’s tennis player at USC in the 1980’s.

Will any of them step up? If I had to bet, I would say no.

Steden reportedly lives in Connecticut and spends about 20 hours a year on Board of Trustees business. Engemann keeps a fairly low profile. Buss would seem the most natural candidate to speak up, but this isn’t about the Lakers so where’s the payoff?




8 thoughts on “USC In National Spotlight For All Wrong Reasons

  1. Get rid of the Mad Greek and all of the Board of Trustee’s. Twice things have happened on their watch. The only thing they are watching is their paycheck. Horrible. And to think no one spoke up against the Mad Greek. I guess the money is more important than integrity at USC. Nothing but dirty f’ing whor#s. Burn Troy down and start over. Get rid of Swann as well. He is a no nothing bum sucking on the breast of USC for his paycheck.

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    1. The incestuous crony-club mentality of the Athletic Department, which gave us Haden, Sark, Helton and Swann, is a microcosm of the entire university.

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  2. How about a BOT filled with people who actually gave a shit about the school ?
    How about a BOT who wielded the power instead of cowering ?
    How about a BOT that was more interested in the welfare of their students than the amount of money the Greek pulls in ?


  3. If you witnessed Swann running for office in PA, then you’d know the meaning of ill- prepared. The man had no clue, had not studied the issues and could not even cough up the canned answers his handlers had fed him . He was just an empty suit, exactly what his role is at USC. Get rid of Nikias and Swann would be gone too. Great receiver though.

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  4. I find all these comments referring to Nikias as the “Mad Greek” and “The Greek” bordering on racist but what do you expect from Trojans? All they care about is football and money.

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  5. STELLAR coverage wolfman! can anyone out there IMAGINE a Dummy from one of the Rah-Rah sites having the guts to speak up like this?? or more importantly, have this level of knowledge of the players??

    outstanding wolfman…..but if i were you i’d consider round the clock protection…you truth telling has no doubt offended some very powerful people in HH. say the word and i’ll assign a Cadre Protective Detail asap.



  6. Bob Jacobs, Max is Greek. That is a fact. His allowing two incidents happen under his presidency is insane. It is the old adage of trying to do something the same way with no success is insanity. So, therefore he is, “Mad” and he is Greek. So how is this racist? It isn’t. No, not all Trojans care about football and money. My sister graduated from usc and she doesn’t attend nor follow football nor is she a millionaire. Two incorrect statements u made


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