USC Baseball Season Mercifully Ends

USC closed out its baseball season with an 8-4 victory over Cal State Northridge at Dedeaux Field.

But the Trojans lost 2 of 3 to Northridge and ended the season with a 26-28 record.

USC coach Dan Hubbs: “There were some games we left on the table, a little bit here. A little bit there and it’s a totally different season. (Instead of) 26-28, all of a sudden you’re 33-21. That’s the difference between being a regional team and not. Obviously this is an uptick from last year.

“I’m excited for the future of the program. I think we’re on the right track.”

I don’t know who else is excited? USC is 75-90 since it went to the NCAA Tournament in 2015.

If Lynn Swann doesn’t make a change, it’s because he could care less.


11 thoughts on “USC Baseball Season Mercifully Ends

    1. Danny came out of Arcadia High to USC in 1982….played 6 years of pro ball and currently coaches Glendora High School’s team….his father, Gail, was a scout and minor league manager for the Dodgers among others as well as a major league player for 1 year with the Pirates…he’s tough and gritty and committed….


    2. It might as well be Don Henley, Swann doesn’t know who Dan Henley is, probably doesn’t know who Don Henley is either.


      1. Not sure if USC baseball had captains or not in 1982, can’t recall….but when I went out to practice and saw Mark McGuire 1b, Happy Jack Del Rio c, the Big Unit Randy Johnson p, Rodney Pete if…. Dan Henley would be captain over all those on the baseball field….


  1. “This is an uptick from last year!”


  2. Rather than seek a replacement for Dan Hubbs, why not recruit some really good players that will stick around USC and play baseball and go to classes?
    Just a thought.


  3. Talked to Hubbs yesterday after the game. He says he has four recruits that can hit and two of the top pitchers coming as well. He said he needs more hitting. He has one year left on his contract. We will see what happens


    1. Hubbs is so full of himself. If his recruits are really good they will turn pro like every year. He can’t coach. Pitching staff is lame under his tutelage with wildness galore. The team left a lot on the table all season. Good teams find a way to win the close ones, and don’t get slaughtered in so many conference games. Let’s see how many of the juniors return for next year that like playing for this loser even though their stats are mediocre.


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