USC Sunday Notes

  • One of the best ideas to emerge from the downfall of USC president Max Nikias is to appoint students and faculty to the Board of Trustees.

This helps bring transparency to what the Trustees actually do and will make the them less out of touch with the campus population.

Right now, the Trustees are viewed as a bunch of rich people who only care about how much money USC raises and makes each year.

Some real students/faculty would make that perception less popular. When most trustees spend about 20 hours a year on USC business, they need as many outside opinions as possible instead of just rubber stamping the president’s plans.

  • In 2015, Nikias was paid $3.76 million in 2015 by USC. His wife was paid $144,000, presumably for hosting events at the president’s residence.
  • With Memorial Day tomorrow, it’s worth pointing out the Coliseum (pictured above in 1948) was commissioned in 1921 as a memorial to Los Angeles veterans of World War I. In 1968, it was rededicated to all U.S veterans of World War I.

And now it is officially the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum.


6 thoughts on “USC Sunday Notes

  1. Having mere students on the Board would spell the end of everything. They couldn’t possibly be expected to understand the priorities of the University……


    1. United Airlines Coliseum, means every game will start late and a lot of stuff will break down. There will be an ad to each ticket sold if the holder wishes to be dragged out.


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