How Will New President Impact Athletics?

Whoever USC hires as president will obviously be more concerned with implementing new policies, changing the culture and, of course, fund raising.

But how will the new president affect athletics? Will Lynn Swann and Clay Helton be less secure under a president who did not hire them?

Considering the impact of recent scandals on Max Nikias, will a new president be less sympathetic if more charges are levied against the basketball program?

Will a new president even have knowledge of sports? Steven Sample was often intimidated by sports because he did not feel he knew enough and let Mike Garrett run things most of the time without much input. Nikias was a huge sports fan but that didn’t mean he was terribly knowledgeable.

It did mean he would approve just about any project brought to him regarding athletics. Either way, it will be interesting to see how a new president handles athletics.

They do make an impact: Sample let things operate by themselves, until a problem was brought to him or he was unable to ignore it. Nikias was a micro-manager, which could be good at getting things done or bad by simply hiring former football players as athletic director without a national search.


7 thoughts on “How Will New President Impact Athletics?

  1. Waiting for a number of the ‘central committee’ to be sacked with Nikias in particular his legal trust team who discussed options specific to silence on Porfiriato and that amazing decision that, since USC was private, no need to report that pig dawg Tyndall – better to give him a financial settlement and the same for Porfiriato.

    Wonder if a change means sweeping even an individual who no longer is ‘officially employed by USC….i.e. I give you Pat ‘the Cap’ Haden….is he exempt from review when his sugar daddy has been justifiably tossed? Just where, at what USC downtown location, is Haden in his ‘re-designs’ of the LA Memorial Coliseum?


    1. Alv — J. T. Daniels is thinking right now, “I wish USC were run as competently as my high school…..”

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      1. This is going to roll right across the country…there are perverts everywhere that has exponentially increased because of the depravity of our culture and if anyone thinks this is only a problem at USC – no.

        Regardless, the sooner Nikias is actually out the better and also the cabal of ‘handlers’ (attorneys) who counseled him to deny and ignore or, at his insistence, seconded his demand in his right to do so.

        The biggest hit is China’s reaction – even accounting for the vast % of their students being ‘spies’ (and they are) that is the real threat here – they make any move to pull out and there goes fund raising right when the school is going to be looking at what MI St. currently has been hit with >$500.

        II Samuel 1: 27 “Oh, how the mighty heroes have fallen!
        Stripped of their weapons, they lie dead!”


  2. Alv —I was just trying to be funny —-I actually never even gave the Michigan State angle a thought until you brought it up…..


    1. Yeah Mike this is going to be one huge payout – all the major shark feeders are in the water – the one that brought the action currently against MI St. on that wormy perv gymnastic coach as well as Allred and her daughter. Watch the fighting over who gets what attorney wise. No idea of how much insurance USC has but at a minimum someone, I would think, must have looked into coverage since Sandusky’s perversion and Paterno’s cover-up as well as what the LA Archdocese shelled out – >$600 mil.


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