What Is Going On With Oregon?

Oregon got a commitment from four-star cornerback Mykael Wright of Valencia High School on Thursday. If you think USC was not interested, Trojans secondary coach Ronnie Bradford attended Valencia’s final spring practice.

This is the Ducks’ third four-star commitment from Southern California following tailback Sean Dollars and cornerback Jeremiah Criddell of Mater Dei.

Oregon’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 9 in the nation. Lane Kiffin wisely told me once that “verbal commitments are worthless.”

Kiffin is right. It is interesting what Oregon is doing at the moment, though.

Especially when you read the USC “analysts” who are praising the coaching staff for being ahead of the curve with all the three-star recruits commiting to Clay Helton. I guess he is leaving the four stars to Oregon.


4 thoughts on “What Is Going On With Oregon?

  1. Completely Unsubstantiated [& unverifiable] Rumor Department: Helton was recently asked by a nine year old fan why he’s only going after three star players—-to which Helton replied, “it’s simple, son —if I get fired, I want the next coach to fail.” The kid then asked, “what if you don’t get fired?” Helton smiled and said, “you let me worry about that part.”


  2. Cristobal may not be a great X’s and O’s guy. He most likely does not have Chip Kelly’s vision. His record at FIU was humdrum at best.

    But what he is, and what the entire staff at Oregon are, are excellent recruiters. Oregon has a great product to sell. Cristobal learned from the best, Nick Saban, and understands that the lifeblood of sustained success in college football is recruiting.


  3. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Helton closes like a freight train in recruiting? June 1 might be a little early to start worrying.


  4. Way back when there was a blog for the newspaper I pointed out stars are up in the sky. Like the horoscope they have nothing to do with reality when it comes to playing football. So I am not too worried about overhyped kids going to overhyped teams.


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