How Is The USC Crisis Fallout Going?

Photo/Daily Trojan
John Manly, an attorney representing several alleged victims of former USC doctor George Tyndall, was unimpressed with Rick Caruso’s statement Thursday that the Board of Trustees hired O’Melveny & Myers to conduct an independent investigation into improper conduct and reporting failures at the student health center.
“USC has actually hired a law firm whose lawyers have represented Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump to “thoroughly” investigate sexual assault by Dr George Tyndall. That’s a real confidence builder For Tyndall’s victims. You can’t make this up,” Manly wrote on Twitter.
And then gymnast Aly Raisman made this comment:

And some USC spin control:


6 thoughts on “How Is The USC Crisis Fallout Going?

  1. Just another black eye for USC. But this black eye will cost USC hundreds of millions. USC will not let this go so they will raise the tuition because of their laziness of not keeping an eye on the place. USC needs to get that payout back from the dr.


  2. The O’Melvany dig is BS, and Manly knows that. O’Melvany, like most HUGE law firms, is neither good nor evil. For the most part, they represent clients with valid legal claims, whether or not one agrees with the politics of the claimants.

    He should save his “outrage” on whether USC ever makes the report public. Still waiting for the Keck Med scandal report to be made public.

    BTW: For what it is worth, Manly made his bones suing the Catholic Church Diocese in the priest abuse cases.


  3. I think Manly went to USC. I heard an attorney on the KFI show representing the girls and he went to the USC law school. He was hurt but he is doing his job


  4. I think the school should pay every student who can substantiate abuse their tuition back. Other than that I don’t think more is needed. I mean the girls did get thoroughly examined by a licensed doctor.


  5. Well gee Johnny why no mention of ‘Lisa Bloom’ or Cy Vance Jr. for that matter? After all there are two ‘demoncrats’ flunkies who blocked or defelcted any serious investigation into Harvey Weinstein … I know Newsom would be so proud right?


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