USC Saturday Buzz: Reggie Bush Speaks (Again)

Reggie Bush seems to be doing a lot of media lately.

In a podcast with former NFL running back Arian Foster, Bush talked at length about his NCAA case, which is interesting. But if you expect him to take responsibility, keep waiting.

Here is an example where Bush tried to rationalize taking money while at USC:

“I was just told don’t take money from boosters. OK, I didn’t do that. The guy who I took money from was my boy. I had known him for 8 years. The way I was explained the rules you have to have known the person for 4 years or more. This guy was a family friend.”

This seems like a stretch given how intelligent Bush is and how USC’s compliance dept. stressed these things, but anyways . . .

Bush said he learned who his real friends were:

“The people at the university bailed on me. Coaches bailed on me.”

Bush talked about the toll of the case on his family:

“My parents ended up getting divorced over it. I felt like it was my fault.”

Bush said he was depressed and “turned to alcohol and prescription pills” during his first three years in New Orleans dealing with injuries and not having family around.

Bush also said after everything he went through, “We’re going to make a movie (about it).”

The podcast is worth watching below, although again, don’t expect contrition.


9 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Reggie Bush Speaks (Again)

    1. With Barbara gone, I think George Sr. would be happy to make part of your wish come true ……


  1. “It’s all about me,” Reggie Bush. No concern for anyone but himself. Reggie Bush has two picture’s of himself in Webster’s Dictionary. When you look up the word selfish, you will see a picture of Reggie Bush. And when you look under the word narcissist, you will see another photo of #5. He can make excuses all he wants. But he really screwed USC over bad!

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  2. Total moron – and the parents are doubly to blame – should have known better – and entirely selfish to boot. They couldn’t wait 11 measly months to snake millions of dollars from their son? They had to cheat and steal for it? ‘Oh, we’re sad now! We have to get a divorce!” Pathetic.

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    1. P.T. —I guess Reggie just forgot about the 30 scholarships he cost USC, AND all the Games he caused USC to forfeit AND the National Championship Trophy he forced USC to give back……


  3. This the first I’ve heard him admit he took anything. He could have easily argued his mistake. USC might have been able to move past the punishment, but Reggie refused to speak to the NCAA. He’d moved on and wasn’t under their rules. USC got the brunt of the blast because of his arrogance. Garret didn’t help much either.


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