USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notes

  • Quarterback Carson Palmer, safety Troy Polamalu and cornerback Dennis Thurman are USC’s candidates on the 2019 College Football Hall of Fame ballot.

Who else is on the ballot from the Pac-12?

David Fulcher (Arizona State); Jake Plummer (Arizona State); Tony Gonzalez (California); Ron Rivera (California); Rashaan Salaam (Colorado); Michael Westbrook (Colorado); Jess Lewis (Oregon State); Ed McCaffrey (Stanford); Cade McNown (UCLA); Ken Norton (UCLA); Carson Palmer (USC) and Jason Hanson (Washington State).

Among coaches, Dennis Erickson, (Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona State) and Darryl Rodgers (Arizona State) are on the ballot.

  • When USC plays Alabama at Cowboys Stadium in 2020, tickets are supposed to range from $50-$300. This would be the same price as tickets for the 2016 contest.

The interesting question is how much less USC is getting paid compared to the 2016 game? Alabama will be paid $6 million after getting $6.5 million in 2016. As a private school, USC does not have to reveal how much it receives for the game.

  • Wide receiver Jake Smith of Scottsdale, Ariz., committed to Texas over USC. Smith visited USC two weeks ago and Texas over the weekend. Smith is the No. 9 ranked “athlete” in the nation according to Rivals and a four-star prospect.

8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notes

  1. For the Colorado players, if they were not involved with the PAC 12, then they should got to the Big 12 hof. Why is Cade McClown invited? Oh, I know why, because he puked in the huddle against Oregon. I saw Tony Gonzalez. on Thursday at his son’s high school. he still looks like he can play.


  2. Carson Palmer is a personal favorite….from outlasting Deshaun Foster in the CIF playoffs to riddling Iowa in the Orange Bowl to longevity in the pros….a pure passer with size…..good job on a wonderfully entertaining career….thanks for the memories, Carson! Well done….

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    1. Agreed, Stephen. I hadn’t seen anybody drill the ball into the back of the endzone from the 30 yard line like Carson —–until Darnold came along. Two great quarterbacks. Sure hope J. T. comes outta the same mold.


      1. Maybe the whole shotgun thing is just a function of our 0-line play—— we need our quarterbacks to have one extra second to throw before the opposing defense is all over them. Or, to put it the other way around, maybe the emphasis on playing fast has led to de-emphasizing O-line recruiting.


  3. Yes, Michael… first impression of Trojan football each game is how well our big fellas are doing on both sides….and do they come together in the second half when the chips are down.

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  4. Even though he played for Cal, Tony Gonzales was awesome — and in the NFL as well. And one very good basketball player too. One of my personal favorites.


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