Clay Helton On Quarterback Starter

Clay Helton spoke this weekend in Indian Wells as part of the USC Coaches’ Tour.

Naturally, the big question is who starts at quarterback?

“He doesn’t have to be a first-round draft pick yet, he doesn’t have to be the superstar yet, he just has to manage the game, manage the team, because he’s got a lot of the pieces to the puzzle around him,” Helton said.

Hmmm, which quarterback is not a first-round pick . . . yet. Which one is not a superstar . . . yet.

Sure sounds like Helton is talking about JT Daniels.


4 thoughts on “Clay Helton On Quarterback Starter

  1. Well, if the next QB doesn’t have to be a “star” it looks like Fink and Sears are back in the picture……


  2. It is way too early to tell who the starting qb will be. Even if it is Daniels, he will need to get up to speed with game experience. I figure Finks or Sears will start the unlv game and all three should play in that game. Stanford is a different beast. Defense will have to take over just like the texas game. All these qbs need to get their feet wet in the games and then after a few games, then decide on who will be the starter.

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  3. Waiting for the media coverage on 15th September in Austin with that gracious loser Herman glowering waiting for the kick off. Don’t care for Helton a bit ‘but’ there’s an awful lot more pressure riding on Herman.


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