Does Reggie Bush Feel Remorse?

After listening to the Reggie Bush podcast yesterday, I felt like I usually do about Bush: A star athlete still in denial and unwilling to take accountability for his actions.

Bush admitted his family took money in the podcast. So why didn’t he simply pay back the $300,000 Lloyd Lake claimed he was owed? Instead, Bush let Lake sue him and settled in 2010. But by then, the case went public and the NCAA spent years investigating the case and was ready to levy its harsh sanctions.

Bush’s refusal to settle also led to the downfall of his friend/position coach, Todd McNair.

But the part of the podcast that really bothered me were the comments by its host, former NFL running back Arian Foster.

“Why would you even cooperate (with the NCAA)?” Foster asked.

When Bush said he felt a responsibility because USC was “catching heat,” Foster said, “You gave them 2 national championships and a Heisman, they still owe you. I would have told every single one of them, f— you.”

What Foster neglects to consider is that Bush’s actions hurt the 2010 and 2011 USC teams that were barred from post-season play. It wasn’t just about Bush, it was about players being punished who had nothing to do with Bush taking money.

How selfish of Foster to ignore them. And Foster also failed to consider USC lost 30 scholarships over three years. How many recruits dreamed about going to USC but settled for another school because there were no scholarships available.

These innocent victims don’t matter to Foster . . . or Bush, apparently.

“The people at the university bailed on me,” Bush said. “Coaches bailed on me.”

Yes, Reggie, you are the one who is the real victim.


26 thoughts on “Does Reggie Bush Feel Remorse?

    1. We’ve entered a whole new world when USC’s Athletic Directors (past and present) and Coaches (past and present) remain mum in the face of Bush’s ridiculous criticisms and it’s Scott Wolf who rides to the rescue.


      1. wolfman has been telling truth to power for DECADES….the Dummies on the Homer sites are still crying over the McNair verdict!!

        Reggie is just depicting the normal trOXan feeling of entitlement. thank Satan we have the wolfman to lay down the truth!!



  1. Why should he? Southern cal can’t create a culture of cheating and then blame one of the many participants when they get caught.

    Cheat on! If it weren’t for cheating, Southern Cal would just be another crappy school in the ghetto. But hey, at least sc is considered a ‘blue blood’ in 1 sport. But remember putos, you didn’t earn it, you cheated.


    1. And without Sam Gilbert, your school would be know for it’s women’s sports

      ” The Times established that Gilbert, during Wooden’s heyday, helped players get cars, clothes, airline tickets and scalpers’ prices for UCLA season tickets. Gilbert allegedly even arranged abortions for players’ girlfriends.

      One former UCLA All-American told The Times: “What do you want me to say? That’s my school. I don’t want to see them take away all those championships.”

      Larry Farmer, who played for Wooden and later became head coach, remarked of Gilbert: “I saw him move mountains.”

      The Times’ investigation concluded Gilbert probably committed several NCAA violations in his dealings with UCLA players. “

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      1. I agree. If we wipe out all the cheating years from both schools, the count is UCLA 1 National championship in football in the 50’s, and 1 in men’s basketball in the 90’s. Southern Cal???? ZERO and ZERO.


        pendejos locos


    2. Charlie —-I love you….but…the Satan angle isn’t really an audience pleaser.


    1. I love Reggie…I wish reconciliation between Reggie Bush and USC……..that both parties pain alleviated because he did the work as does the school…he has suffered enough as the school has and forgiveness on both sides is good…for anyone including the governing bodies to think there is no middle ground here is a mistake….Reggie, you are a USC treasure and I wish you well but there must be equity in your approach….._USC, ditto….

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    2. Very cute, karma —-but how do we respond to Miguelito’s deduction that Bush’s illegal gifts wipe out John McKay’s National Championships? I’m sure Miguelito must have some good reason for this conclusion……


      1. Wow! you’re dumber and more gullible than I thought!!

        Southern Cal has a long history of academic cheating and paying for players. Sam Gilbert ‘supported’ Southern Cal football in the same way he did Ucla bball.

        Did you really think Reggie bush was the first guy to cheat at Southern Cal!? HAWR HAWR HAWR. My goodness you’re a dummy.


    1. The Creator only draws the line at murder…it is written….as far as I know, Reggie is not nor has been a participant, accomplice or an accessory to any murder….


      1. Bit if a non sequitur – but he was the sole cause of what amounted to a near-death-penalty for a program for 10 years.


      2. Stephen —-The Heisman folks seem to draw a different line than the one drawn by the Creator —- murder, keep your prize —-illegal gifts, give it back.

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      3. Amen, Michael…..whether one believes or not is a choice we all must make for every knee will bow and confess regardless of our earthly positions….

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    1. If you’re right, Stephen —and I believe you are —-someone needs to pass this thought on to Bill Maher……


  2. Never heard of Foster. He and Reggie are good for each other with the me mentality and not being accountable. Until Reggie realizes that when he took that money and did wrong he will never close this. Besides it was not USC that forced the money on him but he took it willingly.

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  3. If Mr. Bush violated the rules then a punishment was due. What punishment, I have no idea. To take away his Heisman and take away the teams’ championships is not right. To change history because you feel an athlete violated a rule, is not right. If parents violated the rules, athletes should not be punished. Punish the school if you know the school knew – like a big fine. The athletes are not at fault and nor are the fans. Have the parents sign an agreement to not violate the rules of the school and the rules that the athletes must obey. If they violate the agreement they must pay the tuition costs of their son or daughter.

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  4. I remember when Star Wars threw Obi Wan under the bus for stating Darth Vader murdered Luke Skywalker’s father,”from a certain point of view.” Now we have the history of Reggie from a certain point of view. I was under the impression he didn’t talk to the NCAA because he was done in college. Now I guess he was just hiding the fact that he was cheating, “from a certain point of view. “ I guess lies really do hurt more than the truth. I’m done with Bush he has lost all respect for him. He’s just another fast and loose kid who wanted more than he was entitled to.


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