USC Looking For Players

USC held tryouts for walk-ons this week. I hope there were a lot of wide receivers and cornerbacks who showed up. And maybe every other positions.

Plus maybe some tryouts for a head coach, athletic director and school president.

Then maybe we will see some improvements and people want to renew their season tickets.

  • When wide receiver Puka Nacua committed to Washington, a lot of USC fans said he went there because he had a better chance to play. Do you think he would play now at USC?
  • Today is Reggie Bush‘s 34th birthday. At what age will he need to be before he takes some responsibility for his role in USC being placed on probation?
  • Meanwhile, here are some measurements of USC players at the NFL combine:

Porter Gustin

Height: 6-4 4/8

Weight: 255

Hand (right): 9 5/8

Hand (left): 10

Arm: 33

Wingspan: 78 4/8

Cameron Smith

Height: 6-2

Weight: 238

Hand: 10 3/8

Arm: 32 3/8

Wingspan: 77

Iman Lewis-Marshall

Height: 6-0 5/8

Weight: 207

Hand: 9 4/8

Arm: 30 3/8

Wingspan: 73 4/8

Marvell Tell

Height: 6-2

Weight: 198

Hand: 9 6/8

Arm: 33 1/8

Wingspan: 80


11 thoughts on “USC Looking For Players

  1. I don’t think anyone with half a brain (owns or ted) thought Puka wouldn’t play. He was the MVP of both all-star games he participated in. But would he start? I doubt it. But he will for the huskies (quid pro quo).

    JT told him he’d have to be second string was the rumor from an unnamed source.

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    1. Pudly —-I heard things went well for the walk on candidate for new Athletic Director…..

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    1. They are going to need walk on’s to even field a team for practice.

      Maybe if they signed a few guys from the transfer portal they wouldnt need walk on’s. Clueless Clay Helton is getting beat there too.


  2. I am shocked! Iman”Biggy” Sinclair-Lewis-Marshall-Tito-Pumpernickel-Toast has Alligator arms – Who Knew?

    He never mentioned it in his recruiting video or in subsequent “I’m Biggy and you ain’t” videos.



  3. Hey funny watching Rosen delete any mention of the AZ Cardinals from his Facebook account….Hey Josh there’s always the CFL or for you maybe the AAF league…you can scoot on over and play for that Phoenix franchise with that name that fits you like a glove Rosen m’The AZ Hotshots’!….bel-air tech’s version of ‘Jonnie Manziel Light’

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