USC Has A Football Culture Per Clay Helton

Look below at that amazing presentation Clay Helton delivered last night in Portland. The top part of the screen says “USC Football . . . Our Football Culture.”

What is the culture?

  • To let a program disintegrate?
  • To let players do what they want?
  • To coddle stars?
  • To coach poorly?
  • To commit penalties?
  • To recruit poorly?
  • To hire John Baxter and Clancy Pendergast?

It’s literally exhausting to think of all the reasons.


14 thoughts on “USC Has A Football Culture Per Clay Helton

  1. Let us know when the LA Times asks you to do a symposium. Perhaps on sentence structure and the importance of coherent thought in literature.


    1. You’re name “pud” is quite apt. You are a Rah-Rah ball-gargling Helton sycophant. Cock-smoker, are you Max’s nephew? Anyone who puts his photo on the page with a tin foil hat and a cat is a faj.

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      1. I’ll leave it to those that know best. Seem you along with tebow and karma have the whole who’s most manly thing down pretty good. Don’t trip over that big dick of yours.



      2. Pud’s a stand-up guy and you well hmmm sounds like someone has ‘identity issues’….now go along and tell all of us when you attended USC – where you lived ‘on campus’ and well ‘fill in the blanks’….’chris’

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      3. Chris ‘s claim to fame is his “dad” played football at USC. He uses the term “ball-gargling” in all his posts. Hmmm, must be a familiarity thing.

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  2. Wonder what anyone took from listening to Helton….anything?

    Hmm, how to blow one of the most coveted coaching slots in the entire nation?
    How did this guy get this job in the first place?
    No wonder USC is so awful after listening to this nonsense for the last ‘?’ minutes.
    I’m glad I brought that new webcam game that has ‘rewards’ if I ‘knock’ all the ‘rubies’ out of the array for ‘Candy Crunch’

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  3. Looking at the ceiling, I’d say coach Helium (yes, trying out a more appropriate moniker. Let’s see if it…flies) was given a broom closet that’s about to cave in for his presentation.

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    1. Too bad it wasn’t filled with ‘H’ rather than ‘He’….that nasty unstable ‘solo’ electron is one ‘explosive’ little critter esp. ‘en masse’!


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