The Ghost Of Reggie Bush Surfaces

Why is USC having recruits wear No. 5 jerseys when Reggie Bush remains banned and unrepentant about his role in the school being hit with NCAA sanctions?


48 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Reggie Bush Surfaces

    1. USC has suffered for 10 years thanks to Reggie Bush’s Greed. All traces of that selfish creep should be banished from the USC campus and book store.

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      1. If you want to look at greed and the individual not held accountable take a look at Pat Haden’s 17 years of ‘greed’ to the tune of a cool $1.2 million to him alone and a matching amount split between his sister-in-law and daughter.

        Yeah no blowback for ‘Capper’ but ya’ gotta’ keep dredging this story about Bush

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  1. According to sources, Mookie Cooper is looking to follow in the footsteps of Reggie Bush and is looking for free rent and bags of money… Helton was seen at Wells Fargo on Figueroa withdrawing cash in non-sequential numbers while on Zillow looking for houses for rent!

    #NextCheaterUp #SantionsComingRightUp


      1. Hey PUSley, you human beer fart, how about some NCAA Sanction Facts.

        Didn’t you scream” FACTS matter”? Isn’t Ironic/hilarious the two smug whitey Methodist Universities are 1 & 2 in total # of NCAA Sanctions.

        May 22, 2012
        A few years ago when Southern California was placed on probation. Some people were surprised by the severity of the penalties (only USC fans, really). But in the report released by the NCAA, it was directly noted that the USC football program had previously been placed on probation five times since the early 1950s. I’m sure USC’s repeat violations had some impact on the severity of the penalties they received in 2010.

        Listed below are the current FBS schools that have been placed on probation, in which the school’s football team was somehow involved. It’s important to keep in mind that violations in other sports often bring attention to a school’s entire athletic program. Sometimes the football violations paled in comparison to violations in other sports, but if the football program was involved I still listed them (i.e. Baylor’s probation from 2005-09).

        College Football (FBS) Programs That Have Been Sanctioned the Most

        Note: The count includes seasons not yet completed (i.e. USC 2012-2013).
        Rk School Seasons Sanctioned
        1 Southern Methodist (TX) 17 7
        2 Southern California 15 6
        3 Auburn (AL) 11 4
        4t Alabama 10 3
        4t Michigan St. 10 3
        4t Oklahoma 10 5
        7t Colorado 9 5
        7t Illinois 9 5
        7t Texas A&M 9 4
        7t Wisconsin 9 4
        11t Arizona St. 8 4
        11t California 8 3
        11t Cincinnati (OH) 8 4
        11t Kansas 8 4
        11t Kansas St. 8 4
        11t Miami (FL) 8 3
        11t Oklahoma St. 8 2
        11t South Carolina 8 3
        19t Florida Intl 7 2
        19t Houston (TX) 7 3
        19t Memphis (TN) 7 3
        19t Mississippi 7 3
        19t Mississippi St. 7 3
        19t Ohio St. 7 3
        19t Texas Tech 7 3


        Since 1953, the year the NCAA instituted penalties, Southern Methodist has spent 29% of their seasons on probation. By 2013, Southern California will have spent 25% of their seasons on probation.

        The 2012 season, will be Florida International’s first season off of probation since they joined the Sun Belt Conference in 2005.

        Schools that are currently from the SEC have been sanctioned 35 times, for a total of 77 seasons; the most by any conference in the FBS.

        College Football (FBS) and NCAA Probation by Conference

        Note: The count includes seasons not yet completed (i.e. USC 2012-2013).
        Conference Sanctioned Seasons
        Atlantic Coast 18 38
        Big 12 25 56
        Big East 8 14
        Big Ten 21 48
        Conference USA 22 51
        Independents 2 3
        Mid-American 3 4
        Mountain West 6 12
        Pac-12 31 64
        Southeastern 35 77
        Sun Belt 5 13
        Western Athletic 3 8

        The bowl ban is one of the most severe penalties the NCAA can hand out. Since 1953, the NCAA has handed out a total of 80 bowl bans to current FBS schools.

        Auburn and Southern Methodist are tied for the most years of bowl bans; nine bowl bans in total.

        College Football (FBS) Programs That Have Received the Most Bowl Bans

        Rk School Years Bowl Bans
        1t Auburn (AL) 9 4
        1t Southern Methodist (TX) 9 5
        3 Southern California 6 4
        4t Florida 5 3
        4t Houston (TX) 5 2
        4t Kansas St. 5 2
        4t Miami (FL) 5 3
        4t Oklahoma 5 3
        4t Oklahoma St. 5 2
        10t Indiana 4 1
        10t North Carolina St. 4 1
        10t Texas A&M 4 4
        10t UCLA 4 2
        14t Alabama 3 2
        14t Arizona St. 3 3
        14t California 3 2
        14t Colorado 3 2
        14t Illinois 3 2
        14t Kansas 3 3
        14t Kentucky 3 3
        14t Michigan St. 3 1
        14t Mississippi 3 2
        14t Mississippi St. 3 2
        14t Tulsa (OK) 3 1

        On 21 occasions a bowl ban has kept a current FBS school from winning a conference championship, has prevented them from competing in a conference championship game, or has kept a conference champion out of a bowl game.
        School Year(s)
        Alabama 2002
        Arizona St 1959
        Auburn (AL) 1957, 1993
        Clemson (SC) 1982, 1983
        Florida 1984, 1985, 1990
        Kentucky 1977
        Miami (FL) 1995
        Michigan St. 1978
        North Carolina St. 1957
        Oklahoma 1973, 1974
        Southern California 1959, 2011
        Southern Methodist (TX) 1981
        Texas A&M 1956, 1994
        Wyoming 1959


        Thanks to Robert Bradley for the idea.

        The NCAA has made available a database of every major infraction they have dealt with. You can access their Legislative Services Database to conduct your own research on the topic. I would have liked to have been able to provide a link to every document I accessed, but unfortunately the links change with every user session. Most of the information posted was found using the NCAA database.



      2. puhahahahhaha, Pudly, you and Justowns need to meet up at either of your mom’s basement and have a battle as to who has the worst life! I’ll be there to make sure no fudgepacking happens between the two of you.

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      3. Hey teddie, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Your momma and I were out late last night celebrating the new job you got her…
        She was so excited that you found her a job that fit her skill set so perfectly. To bad you weren’t hired though but really who could’ve out performed your momma at those tryouts. Who knew semen collection at the canine IVF Center would open up? Lucky for her they caught owns trying to steal samples.


      4. Are you seriously attempting to have a meaningful dialogue with that powder-blue douche, Pudster? He’s about as boring as watching 3-hours of C-span.

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    1. According to sources, Casey Wasserman is refusing to honor his commitment to fund Chip Kelly’s $23 million contract.

      Wasserman was overheard saying “I could have coached them to at least 4-8. We wouldn’t have lost to Cincinnati under my watch.”

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      1. Note how ‘the peckerwood’ is never ever looked at for his crooked plays along with that KC outfit man Sam Gilbert or the greasy ‘go-between’ ‘tennis anyone?’ JD Morgan? Nah the usual 50 year ‘omerta’ on that troika of crooks.

        They even named a church in New York after the peckerwood – it’s called ‘St. John The Divine.’

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      1. Sandbagging! Exactly, Pudly! Kinda like what we do when we deliberately screw up syntax just to draw Cal75 into the conversation —only to follow up with replies that are so bootiful they are above cricketism.

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  2. Bittersweet thinking about Reggie- the guy could flat out ball. Then he turned his back on the university and forced the football team to play with one hand tied behind it’s back. Shouldve been on the field versus Texas on Lendale’s 4th down run.

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    1. Arturo —I’m in the minority but I think the logic was Lendale had been harder to stop THAT day —-Pete probably figured, ‘I’ll just dare Texas to stop today’s hottest back—–they haven’t been able to all day……’

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  3. Yo Large Ted sprinkles his shit loudly:

    puhahahahhaha, Pudly, you and Justowns need to meet up at either of your mom’s basement and have a battle as to who has the worst life! I’ll be there to make sure no fudgepacking happens between the two of you.

    You first Teddy. You sound hard up.


    1. What a witty retort Owns! Oh my, a rift with Ted and Owns. Neither with any life whatsoever other than to troll a USC/competitors blog. Poor buggars, we are all laughing at both of YOU.

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  4. That clown Helton will be lucky if this team of Trojan snowflakes who can’t play flag football without getting hurt starts out 1-5.

    A 1-5 start will serve USC right for being the clusterfuck it allowed itself to become.

    This Trojan football program isn’t going anywhere as long as those three idiots Nikias, Swann and Helton are around.


  5. LMFAO!

    Iowa St. is ranked 20 spots ahead of Pudley’s hero Clay (Errand Boy) Helton’s Trojans in the latest preseason poll.

    Iowa State…really?

    How Gawd Damn embarrassing for USC



    1. tebow —It IS embarrassing. But lets’ wait to see where we’re at after Fresno State & Stanford before throwing in the towel. Nothing matters til then.

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      1. That Fresno State game is the only toss up game I see in the Trojans first 6 games of the upcoming season…and that is an honest Gawd Damn assessment.

        Look, Errand Boy is not going to allow Harrel or whatever the hell his name is to give Sears or Fink a legitimate chance at the starting QB position…it’s just not going to happen. Errand Boy can talk up all he wants about how there is going to be all this change in style of play, but you can already see in practices held thus far that players feel no need or sense of urgency to prove themselves on the field.

        The list of Trojan snowflakes feeling comfortable watching practices from the sidelines is growing day by day…what the hell does that tell you?

        I just hope that after this upcoming disastrous season ends Lynn Swann doesn’t fire Clay Helton so that Alabama in 2020 will finally put Helton out of his misery and end all aspirations he might have of coaching ever again when Saban and the Tide totally humiliate him. Again!


      2. I’m asking you —-as a gesture of human kindness —to never bring up the Saban/Helton rematch again. Let’s limit the misery to 4 hours in 2020.

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