USC Sunday Buzz: Clay Helton Uses Wrong Example For New Offense

It’s almost funny how when Clay Helton tries to accentuate a positive aspect of the offense, he still shoots himself in the foot.

Helton said the Notre Dame game was a preview of the new faster, quicker offense:

“I just felt what our offense could become,” Helton said. “Just as a play-caller, you look up and you had almost 260 yards in the passing game in one half. You’re going, ‘OK, this group could be truly special.’ I needed to step back, I wanted to bring a great passing-game mind in that could continue it, and look what we found in Graham. But the Notre Dame game was a huge reason why we went down this road.”

So the Notre Dame game was a revelation? Let’s hope not.

Helton failed to mention that Notre Dame made halftime adjustments, a novel thought to Helton and Clancy Pendergast, I’m sure.

The Irish allowed JT Daniels to pass for 244 yards in the first half. After adjustments, Daniels passed for 105 yards in the second half. And USC scored 7 points in the second half. Remember the touchdown was in the final two minutes, when Daniels celebrated in the picture above.

So what is so great about that?

Daniels threw 26 passes in the first half and 25 in the second half, so it wasn’t like USC passed less in the second half. It got stopped by a Notre Dame defense that understood exactly what it was dealing with. But Helton views it as some type of high-water mark because he was calling the plays.

The good news is Graham Harrell will call plays now so we won’t have to hear about the Notre Dame game next season.




39 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Clay Helton Uses Wrong Example For New Offense

  1. Those Trojan snowflakes didn’t even play in a bowl game, had all this time since their last defeat of the season to get ready for the upcoming season and half of the projected starters on both offense and defense are not practicing because they’re hurt.

    Jesus H. Christ! You see this shit taking place with these snowflakes USC/Helton have recruited and you just shake your head.

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    1. You are absolutely correct TebowObama. Oh but the spinsters are in high gear and their Affiliates are buying the news. It is so laughable that Alicia at reign of Troy is trying to make the case that JT is up for the Heisman this year LOL. Here’s one of my responses.
      If you are at the practices how can you even say that Fink and Sears are under performing?? Have you seen the running drills at the end of practice for the QB’s? JT is dead last every time and Fink and Sears are putting in 110%. JT is out of shape and STILL cannot run or scramble. You continually try to say that Fink cannot match the arm of Daniels. Fink can easily match the arm of Daniels, but that isn’t the most important aspect of being a QB. What good is your arm if you are giving the ball away every game? You say he is extremely smart but how can that be with his POOR decision making process? I want USC back and so do the fans. This favoritism crap has ruined the program. People tried to tell you this last year and you were all in for JT. At the end of the year, you were ready to bury JT in the past, which was fair as he stunk up the entire season with the worst stats since before Pete Carroll. Unless JT gets into shape and learns how to run, we have a problem here. If USC tries this same approach again I predict JT’s career will be in the dumps similar to Max Brown and Helton/Swan will be gone. Unfortunately, the fans will be out good football for a decade. I guarantee you that if Fink or Sears would have been the starting QB’s last year, we would have had a winning season. How many times have you ever seen a QB like JT have negative rushing yards every game and holding that record for the year??? You never talk about that


  2. The Fresno State game is the only toss up game I see in the Trojans first 6 games of the upcoming season…and that is an honest Gawd Damn assessment.

    Look, Errand Boy is not going to allow Harrel or whatever the hell his name is to give Sears or Fink a legitimate chance at the starting QB position…it’s just not going to happen. Errand Boy can talk up all he wants about how there is going to be all this change in style of play, but you can already see in practices held thus far that players feel no need or sense of urgency to prove themselves on the field.

    The list of Trojan snowflakes feeling comfortable watching practices from the sidelines is growing day by day…what the hell does that tell you?

    I just hope that after this upcoming disastrous season ends Lynn Swann doesn’t fire Clay Helton so that Alabama in 2020 will finally put Helton out of his misery and end all aspirations he might have of coaching ever again when Saban and the Tide totally humiliate him. Again!


    1. tebow —Please don’t bring up the Saban/Helton rematch.

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      1. If you’re going to preach shouldn’t you use correct grammar?

        Exodus 20:7 reads: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” 

        I’m not one to buy into religion, so…


  3. ClayDough trying to capture relevance by illustrative commentary @ the 1st half of the Domers loss. Obviously omitting the 2H failure that followed the intermission. Look.. bottom line. Our O stands a decent chance to improve in 2019. I hope it does, but honestly, Helton must keep his hands strictly off of it!!! Otherwise those ill fated efforts are going to initiate his buyout! Fight On

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      1. They’re working on it, Arturo. Coach Helton screamed all day Saturday, “You guys are gonna work until you can give me 3 outta 4 quarters of good football this season…”

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  4. If we play the way we did with Norte Dame in our home stadium, I’m not looking forward to the season. The previous year I knew the game was lost when the bishop ref and the cardinal ref conferred a miracle fumble recovery upon the Irish where none had occurred. Last season we made a game of it during warmups but after the kickoff we were sunk by bad coaches.

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    1. Steve—-Yes, that was revolting — and it happened more than once. [It was also revolting to see our players trot sleepily off the field after witnessing demonstrably bad calls without even shaking their heads]……

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      1. MG, it was also revolting watching the shits and giggles during a selfie-fest on our sidelines during a game. A player reading out a coach, a couple of players going at it, and especially ZE-fing-RO coaching adjustments at the half of ANY game over last season. Frustrating knowing that very few players could even look into Helton’s eyes and respect what the’d might see. I’ll spare the readers by stopping here..

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      2. gk — Since Swann has lazily kept Helton in place, it is my prayer that he does only whatever is minimally necessary to APPEAR to be head coach [consistent with the idea of not doing anything that could actually be classified as coaching]. He’s tried his best —I’ll give him that—-but his best is not nearly good enough. USC can succeed this year if Helton is big enough and bright enough to take a VERY back seat….

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  5. Look at J.T. Daniels pictured above smiling as the game winds down in that Trojan loss to Notre Dame. What the hell does Daniels have to smile about during that home loss?

    That weak ass wienie arm Daniels should be benched for the entire upcoming season for thinking there was anything to be smiling or laughing about after losing to the Irish.

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    1. What a good point, Tim! [I guess we have to amend Clay’s manifesto to read, “no talking about my failures of last year”]……

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      1. tebo —I hope the Pac 12 coaches vote to create a special award for Coach Helton before he leaves….

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      2. Cal75 —ya know, I could quibble with some of your sentence structure this go around —but I know you’d just get me back (big time) later.

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      3. Lynn Swann and Clay Helton will be receiving the “PAC 12 Lifetime Underachievment Award” as they are inducted into the PAC 12 Hall of Shame!

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  6. Let’s try to get to the root of one of the problems.
    SC player goes after porn star lookalike QB on the sidelines during CAL game.
    QB removes jersey & offers it to jerk & challenges him to do better? Or,
    Oline comes over & knocks jerk flat on his ass?(preferred) Or,
    Beloved Coach or Asst sits jerk down for rest of game? Or,
    None of the above & situation glossed over?



  7. You better get to midnight mass tonight & start your praying early. If youz guyz go 0-4 against California teams this year & Utah, Irish & Udub, well, basically it would just be better to just commit suicide.



    1. “Just Commit Suicide”……? Really? I seem to remember Ozzy Osbourne getting sued for that message on “Suicide Solution.” But, luckily for you, (1) the lawsuit went nowhere (the “duty” element couldn’t be established), and (2) none of us would ever think of going after our pal Cal75 should one of us suddenly go missing after a Cal loss……

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      1. Half the SC D is injured & watching springtime from the sidelines.


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    2. Here’s a half serious suggestion for us, Cal75 —-we’ve really loaded up front on D —everybody says the front 7 is 3 deep. Our problem is the back 4 (where there is almost no experience….and plenty of injuries). (So) Why not forget about defensive backs and rush 11? …..


      1. OK, try it at ND, furd, ORE, uDUB & let’s see how it works out.

        MG….Air raid & no Dbacks are a bad combo. Gets worse deep into the schedule. I hate to see SC fans suffer. I love Coach Helton, the master strategist.


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      2. Cal75 —Air Raid and zero d-backs a bad combination? Probably….


  8. Poor Coach Helton. He should of known then and especially now that the Domers were in the playoffs if they just won. They gave USC so little that night and sadly Helton saw it as a watershed moment.

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    1. Correct —Notre Dame was an exhausted team that had played, what, 4 games in a row on the road? They came in KNOWING that they could adjust to whatever Clay threw at them in the first half and do just enough to win. (Everybody we play thinks the same thing, btw)…….

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  9. The Irish and their annual ‘Easy Pass’ – no CCG for them unlike they’re playing in the ACC mens basketball tournament. Too bad they didn’t play Clemson for the ACC title and give a real team a shot last year against AL and OK…..31 years a still a rigged deck for ‘the princess’.

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  10. No one mentions that (to my limited knowledge) no team has made it to the BCS with Air Raid. Air Raid (or spread) is often used in high school when a team has 2 or 3 very talented players and not so much other talent and can compensate by throwing the ball and imbalanced O line formations. So much for SC’s commitment to win a BCS.

    Daniels didn’t dominate in any half or any full game last season as far as scoring goes and showed no flashes of greatness. He’s an average QB with low athleticism. Known for TD bombs in high school, he averaged 1 TD/game and almost 1/intercept/game last year. He had a lot going against him in poor scheme, lousy play calling and an O-line that still can’t protect the QB when the opposing D pulls off delay rushing stunts (a chronic problem since the 2015 bowl game against Wisconsin that has never been fixed). Better start looking over his shoulder when Bryce Young shows up.

    Pendergast’s “Ground Raid” penetration defense failed last year (no Porter Gustin). Cal did much better with a containment defense.

    Why is it that only opposing team’s are successful at half time adjustments? Helton can’t think on his feet? Can’t anticipate adjustments? Opposing D’s just jammed the box last year and shut the run down completely.

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