Spring Can Make Your Head Spin

Sometimes your head can spin if you go by the up-and-down analysis for spring practices. The first two days, sophomore wide receiver Devon Williams was supposedly dropping a lot of passes.  Uh oh.

Then he caught three TDs on Saturday and Clay Helton was lavish with his praise. Hurray!

“Devon’s doing a nice job because he knows what to do . . . there’s clarity,” Helton said. “He’s just playing so much faster.”

Except for those drops. Plus the three TDs were against a secondary with one healthy scholarship cornerback.

Translation: It’s just spring practice and players make plays one day and drop passes another day. It should be about improvement but coaches/media/fans like to read too much into everything.

Everything has to be significant in this atmosphere, right? Especially with a coach trying to hang on to his job.

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10 thoughts on “Spring Can Make Your Head Spin

  1. Another uninformative post from Scottie. Thanks to Pasadena Trojan (I think it was PT) who was at practice yesterday and remarked that Williams looked really, really good. 6’4″, 215 lbs, number 6 receiver in class of ’18, great speed. But hey, you might conclude that his performance was just mediocre from Wolf. Glad that some of you fellas can attend practice and give us “inside usc” info.

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  2. I saw this kid when AV played Eastside.

    Williams for as big as he is seemed a little, actually a lot timid, going over the middle.

    Quick slant Williams was rocked by a 5′ nothing 160 lbs. Eastside DB and had to be helped off the field.

    Dropping passes in non-contact drills is not a good omen when it comes to this kid.

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  3. @2:44 he was lucky to catch the pass as he was looking everywhere but for the ball expecting to get hit. Wait until he starts taking some shots from D1 level DB’s that aren’t midgets.


  4. Winning will cure almost all ills, but I am starting to think that JT be facing a real uphill battle to win over fans who prefer Sears: if he beats out Sears, it was rigged; if he does well in the new offense, it is Harrel’s system and the wideouts. I hope the better player wins out and, if it is JT, everyone rallies around him no matter their preference. (I liked Sears)

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      1. Ha! Luckily, none of us can, Arturo —-that’s why we all make such a great team….


  5. too much of the reporting the last few years has been too much rah/rah, and not realistic…just ’cause the recruiting class is good does not mean the team is…it takes real coaches and real coaching…and winning Pac 12 the last few years has not been evidence of a good football season either…period.


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