Would Pete Carroll Return To College Football?

Pete Carroll just got a new contract and seems like he will be in the NFL for the rest of his career.

Last week, he was asked about Steve Sarkisian returning to college football at Alabama and made this comment.

“The details that we’re able to go through in the NFL relative to the details you can reach in the college game are different just because of the timeframes that you have to work with the guys, so it’s somewhat frustrating when you go back to college ball that you just can’t get to all the stuff that you know they need to hear.”

This does not sound like a coach who ever wanted to return to college football. Frankly, if he said this at a press conference at USC, the fans would have gone nuts worrying about his return to the NFL.

It reminded me of when USC played Hawaii in 2005. After the game, I walked with Carroll across the field at Aloha Stadium back to the team buses. Even though USC won, 63-17, Carroll was irritated with Hawaii’s pass-happy offense.

“This is the kind of stuff that will drive me back to the NFL,” Carroll said.

That is why I constantly teased Carroll about when he would return to the NFL. I always felt he would and a lot of fans used to argue with me about it.

There was a little bit of a movement from some close to Carroll that he might consider a return to USC last fall when the Seahawks were struggling and USC looked like it might make a move. But it doesn’t seem like Carroll really wants that.

16 thoughts on “Would Pete Carroll Return To College Football?

    1. Yeah, you’re right – he forgot to give you a call – moron. Now go on your usual rant about ‘king peckerwood’ and the white-left-bread perv social justice rathole aka bel-air tech.


      1. Gosh Commie Lush, are you pissed?

        How about Little Petey’s arrogant blunder to insert Reggie “give me Mo’ Money” Bush into vs Oklahoma NC game that cost the bozo’s a vacated NC. The bozos didn’t to Bush’s help to pound the Sooners.

        Oh and the 13 – 9 loss. Funny, funny, funny!


    2. Q. “What do you call the only D1 head coach with a .250 winning record since 2014?”

      (A) “Show Cause Chip”
      (B) “Chocolate Chip”
      (C) “Stan’s Donuts Best Customer”
      (D) All of the Above

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry owns, you failed the exam.

        The correct answer is (D), All of the Above.

        Victory Bell? Ding?

        49 Trojan Dings. 32 bruin dings.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Rented Mule doesn’t do math or logic…but he does run from little cracks in his “Why can’t we step on our home field after December 31st? Sanitarium”…


      3. James – Ha! Exactly re: “bruins never on the field after Dec. 31”

        the bruins – always a bridesmaid, and never a bride.


    3. Owens you are a putz. Lost a home regional last year. ucla is a blunder
      all year round with humiliating losses of being in Westwood. Looks like
      the streets are good for only an oversized colon prop for the gutless ‘ruins. Where did the L.A. Times move their Festival of Books to, USC
      Campus a few years ago.


  1. Yo 67 (AKA Lightin’) claims one inane 2nd-grade question is an exam. Well maybe in 67’s fantasy Seven-up land.

    Sorry owns, you failed the exam.

    The correct answer is (D), All of the Above.

    Victory Bell? Ding?

    49 Trojan Dings. 32 bruin dings.

    So from the irrelevant to the relevant:

    2 – 8 Chip 34 – 5 – 5 SUCCX 27

    Ding goes the Vic Bell

    #ucla 7 – clown u 5…..Somethings just don’t change.

    Hey, 67, here’s an easy pop-type quiz for you and please take all the time you need to answer.

    Name the last former bozo QB to start at QB in the Super Bowl?

    #tick-tock,tick-tock,tick-tock etc.,etc.,…..


    1. owns, you had a chance…answer one question…it was a bunny…multiple choice…and you couldn’t answer it.

      Sigh. You are yet another data point on our failed education system.

      You want to try one more question to redeem yourself?

      Tell you what, you can choose between two questions! Answer just one!

      Q1. “What is the name of the D1 coach with the worst winning percentage since 2014?

      Q2. What is the name of the university where he works?

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  2. Chip has never lost a game to Pete the Cheat on the college gridiron.

    Another fun fact: Chipster is 4-1 vs the soy boys of klown kollidge

    5-1 is about 8 months away.

    VIVA CLAY!!!!!!


    1. McMigs on break with a bottle in his hand…
      McMigs taking another foolish SheBear stand…
      It’s true Choc’o’Chip never lost to all but 3Pete…
      Just as true if you never play you can’t be beat…
      Tell us about a game Chip won that matters…
      I’ll save you the time so you can save us the blather…
      Chip is zero for ever just like SheBear U…
      Put the bottle down and maybe you’ll get a clue…


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