Morning Buzz: USC Will Get Coaching Assistance

Former USC defensive line coach Pete Jenkins is going to be back on campus to help out as a consultant with the defensive line.

Jenkins was hired by Ed Orgeron in 2013. He was a mentor to Orgeron and was LSU defensive line coach in 2016-17. Jenkins is also expected to help out the Dallas Cowboys and Alabama this spring.

USC needs all the help it can get so his appearance cannot hurt unless Clancy Pendergast tries to act like he knows more.

  • USC led UCLA, 4-0, but lost 7-5, at Dodger Stadium on Sunday as the Trojans committed four errors that led to four runs for the Bruins. USC is 5-9 overall.

Let me explain why I mention baseball results. It’s not because I am against the team. It is because Lynn Swann has completely ignored baseball. I thought Dan Hubbs might get fired two years ago. But Swann doesn’t care. The word at Heritage Hall is Swann did not want to fire Hubbs because he would need to pay him off. His contract expires this season.

So in the meantime, the program is being held hostage for a third straight season. USC was 21-34 in 2017. It was 26-28 in 2018. And Swann did nothing.

The players and fans deserve more than an apathetic athletic director.

24 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Will Get Coaching Assistance

  1. According to sources, Swann is considering having Helton manage the southern cal baseball team as a cost cutting measure. Provided that Helton doesn’t call pitches or set batting order. Pendergast is set to call pitches and set defensive alignments. Harrell is said to tell the hitters to swing away and go for the “big fly”! Too bad the southern cal hitters have warning track power at best… JT Daniels was seen celebrating a “seeing eye single” during batting practice…. oh and the trOJans lost to the Bruins 7-5.


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    1. In related news…Pudley is offering up his massage therapy services in his mom’s basement to the soothing sound of Atlanta Rhythm Section, to any member of the Trojan baseball team who feel they need to unwind after a hard day in the field.


  2. apoplectic would be nice …at this point I have moved from that to… they all have my undivided apathy as Bill Balance used to say with a BORE…which SC major sports has become…track/field still competes,one of my favorites since early 50’s too…

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    1. Upon till now I’ve been against “Build the wall” but now I have to say “BUILD THAT WALL” all around southern cal and the surrounding neighborhood with it’s cesspool of double murderers, sodomizers, woman batterers, balcony jumping “heroes”, car jackers and just all around assholes that need to be kept in and around southern cal…. I would only venture into the area for the carne asada fries from Chanos. By the way, where is my Carne Asada Fries Arturo Barajas??!!


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      1. According to sources, (Justowns) Pudly is busy typing away on his keyboard in his mother’s basement scouring the internet in hopes of finding articles that deem southern cal area safe. Of course there are none…. Now he is busy making stuff up as usual.

        I know my source is reliable because Justowns and Pudly are brothers living together in their mother’s basement. Oooooo you know it’s true!!


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      2. Of course you would be against building the wall. The architect of the wall kicked the shit out of your “Queen” in 2016 and you went into hiding for two years. She was a loser just like you Ted, Bucket, Miguelito etc. a no nothing troll that spends his time on a competitors blog. No worthy UCLA blog? Maybe you can hitch your wagon to the ACO socialist movement. I would imagine living under a freeway gets tiresome, right Bucket?

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      3. Not making excuses but I know of NO ONE who has ever wandered ‘east’ of the 110 let alone after dark……what the heck was he doing there at midnight?


      1. It a choice of either stay on campus and get sodomized or go off campus and get murdered. Dammed if you do and dammed don’t. He should have gone to school at Humboldt St! Better academics and safer neighborhood!

        We all know Pudly stayed on campus all day everyday! “He looks a little bowlegged to me Al!



  3. You also only mention the baseball team when they lose. They beat Michigan Saturday but nothing from you. Sure they are under 500 but you also create your own narrative. So that’s… annoying.

    Same with basketball.

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  4. Fox hires Urban Meyer, Reggie Bush to its college football broadcast team

    SCOTT GLEESON | USA TODAY | 39 minutes ago


    Fox Sports announced it has hired former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer and former USC running back Reggie Bush to its college football broadcast team. 

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    1. Cool. They need to practice working together….


      1. Yes you are right! A cheater and a liar enabler of abuse of women! Perfect fit for southern Cal! Now only if you can get OJ as the AD and Osa Madina as the athletic dorm director… Southern Cal can finally join the Penal athletic association of criminals and degenerates!



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