USC Will Play Arizona In Pac-12 Tourney

Colorado defeated USC, 78-67, in Boulder to set the Trojans’ fate for the Pac-12 Tournament.

USC will play Arizona in the 8/9-seed game on Wednesday at 12 p.m. on the Pac-12 Network. If USC wins, it will play Washington on Thursday at 12 p.m.

The Trojans are currently 15-16. That is a pretty atrocious record when you play in the worst Pac-12 conference of all time.

Nick Rakocevic led USC with 17 points and Jonah Mathews added 13.

11 thoughts on “USC Will Play Arizona In Pac-12 Tourney

      1. Pud I believe Enfield is a good coach – having said that he has got to do something between now and the start of next year to change the culture in his locker room. That kid 2 years ago that he our-recruited Alford for, who attended Lawndale HS. He committed numerous ‘thug’ fouls during games even though he was a great player. The kid he had to suspend this year for undisclosed reasons who was a good player but acted like a fool.

        Enfield had the NCAA record for free throws (it was barely eclipsed by a 4 decimal point difference by another who shot half the # of free throws) – for some reason the players don’t take mastering that basic skill and well over half of the losses this year can be tied directly to that inability – lousy free throw shooters.

        I do believe he will come out next year ‘smoking” or else he will be looking at a 6 year run and little to show wherever he lands after leaving USC.

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      2. It’s puzzling how poorly they shoot free throws. Discipline and concentration much like golf, but a lot easier.
        And the whole culture thing is right on point, like the big guy a couple years ago punching people in the nuts?? Really?

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  1. Players on the team play as individuals and not as a team. Sloppy passing, getting lost on offense, too many fouls, selfish shooting, and instead of Enfield yelling at the refs, he should be chewing players out. Everything is discombulated. Even if SC wins the tournament, they would have to go as buy in. Enfield needs to pick it up as a coach

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  2. Enfield is a terrible game day coach. Blew a 10 pt, lead in the 1st half.
    Who cares that he could shoot FT’s in college. His teams are weak
    inside. His assts. are useless with Mobley a joke whose older son is way overrated.


  3. The Trojans should just forfeit their game in the PAC 12 Tournament and save themselves the humiliation.

    The University of Southern California has become the University of Snowflake Central.

    What a shame!


    1. Exactly right, Tebow. It’s sad to see that SC has become a joke across all major sports. The harsh criticism that Scott Wolf gives Lynn Swann on this blog is very much justified. Swann seems to be just drawing money out of USC and calling it a salary.

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      1. One of the biggest problems I see with USC athletics is how the coaches play favorites with the players. The coaches aren’t allowing legitimate competition for starting positions to take place. The recruits are being coddled way too much. The only time you will see USC rotating players into a game is when a starter gets injured. Rarely if ever are non-starters given actual game time experience. Helton and Clancy never holding undisciplined players accountable for their actions is a joke.


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