The Defense Rests

If you heard the offense was ahead of the defense this week at USC spring practice, it might sound off. Defenses usually have the advantage the first week of spring and fall training camp.

But there was also this to consider: Isaac Taylor-Stuart was the only healthy scholarship cornerback who practiced Saturday.

The offense should be dominating.

There are more defensive backs watching practice during the contact period: Talanoa Hufanga, Isaiah Pola-Mao and Greg Johnson. And even more just didn’t practice: Briton Allen, Dominic Davis, Olaijah Griffin and C.J. Pollard.

So now you know why all the USC quarterbacks threw only one interception this week.

I will say it again: Be careful reading too much into spring practices.

28 thoughts on “The Defense Rests

  1. SCooter, u were not at practice today. Qb’s were getting the ball out of their hands in less than two seconds. Receivers knew where to go. The ball was being thrown high so the receivers could catch it at the height of the jump. That way it can’t be intercepted. That is why they have only thrown one interception. Go to practice and watch and then report

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  2. SW wrote, “Jack Sears completed a nice pass to tight end Josh Falo in the 2-minute drill portion of practice.”.
    In light of your post, are we to understand you are rooting for Sears as the starter? How are we to read into this comment of yours, knowing the scholarship DB’s are pretty much watching practice?

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    1. Uscdude —Check out Reign of Troy “Notes on Practice” —-J. T. looked best & threw “touchdown after touchdown.” I’m happy for Sears —but it sounds like Falo did most of the work on that “big completion.”
      I’ll tell you what I don’t like, though (and I’m really surprised Scott hasn’t gotten on this): Helton has Harrell calling plays from the deck of Dedeaux Field —separated from the players “so quarterbacks can’t look to him for guidance.” What?! He’s the fricking quarterback coach. I hope this isn’t just a vanity move by Helton…

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      1. Hopefully it changes in Week 2, Michael, or that it just a spring practice thing. Harrell said someone else came up with the idea.


  3. Looks like USC recruited a bunch of snowflakes who can’t walk from here to there or take a hit without getting hurt.

    That’s what happens when a staff has a football team practicing like a bunch of girls.

    What a joke USC football has become under Clay Helton and Lynn Swann.


    1. The keyboard warrior, hiding out making statements he couldn’t back up if his life depended on it. Why not go to school and wait at the gate to call em snowflakes? Puszy

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      1. Pudly, once again you are on the verge of getting your ass kicked… I will intervene again so to save you from yet another ass beating! Oh the many things the cadre does for you clueless rah rahs!



  4. Devon Williams had a great practice. His number is 2. He is six feet four inches and looks around 220. Big and tall. Moves quickly and catches the ball well. He will be a suprise

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      1. Did you find that out on twitter?

        Listen up chump, how about you let me know if and when you ever leave your mom’s basement and are at this gate you’re referring to and I’ll see you there and we’ll see how big of a smart ass you want to be then?


  5. Errand Boys Trojan defense rests after a tough day of flag football practice.

    What a Gawd Damn embarrassment.

    Maybe those girls should take the week off so they don’t sprain anymore toenail muscles.


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