USC Saturday Practice Notes

USC completed its first practice in pads today.

  • Jack Sears completed a nice pass to tight end Josh Falo in the 2-minute drill portion of practice. and a 35-yard TD pass to Devon Williams.
  • Cornerback Greg Johnson is no longer in the NCAA transfer portal and will remain at USC. Johnson wore a yellow non-contact jersey today.
  • Freshman cornerback Britton Allen had a sore hip after the first practice and missed the past two practices. He should be back after spring break, which is next week for USC.
  • One of the players I feel will make USC better than last season is linebacker Palaie Gaoteote, who honestly should make more plays than Cameron Smith. But it is troubling Clancy Pendergast moved Gaoteote to weakside linebacker. That means he didn’t think Gaoteote could handle playing middle linebacker. It’s not ideal having a 220-pound middle linebacker (John Houston) so there was obviously a shortcoming having Gaoteote there. I still think he will be a revelation, I just wonder if Houston in the middle makes the defense a little softer inside.

24 thoughts on “USC Saturday Practice Notes

  1. I agree that Houston will get runeth over and he may have good acumen, but he’s not as good as people may think. The fact that Gateote is moved to a Will position speaks volumes.


    1. I can only surmise that now that Charlie Bucket is back Scott is really gonna up his game…..


      1. We all have to up our game. I enjoy Bucket’s comments even when he rails on me a little bit. Bucket and Owns keep us honest, no?


    1. Thanks so much, Pudly. [I think the fact that Coach Helton is saying that ALL the QB’s knew what they were doing and “there was no confusion” is a good sign for Sears. Last year at about this time, Tee was screaming at Sears for not knowing where the ball was supposed to go].

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      1. Michael the first third of most of our games last year went well, some even till halftime. The question that’ll re,Ian will be how do we offset the adjustments made on the opposing defenses to keep our own defense off the field.

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      2. Pudly —Exactly! The first question I would ask Coach Harrell is “what should we have done in the second half against Notre Dame after they made their adjustments to our semi- air raid offense?”

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    2. Pudley sits in his mom’s basement eagerly awaiting others twitter posts so he can post on this site…and he thinks he has first hand information on USC.


  2. Offense seemed more focused and determined than last season. Tyler Vaughns like the current offense and he is happy about the renewed commitment to the program


  3. Maybe Pendergast is looking to another younger MLB to step up and overtake John Houston later – Raymond Scott, Solomon Tuliapupu or Kanai Magua.

    I think having Gaoteote, Tuliapupu, Scott and Magua on the field at the same time would be a unit with massive potential.

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      1. Raymond Scott seems a bit too big to be put in the secondary although with depth issues back there I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff floated the idea.


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