USC Morning Buzz: Don’t Ask About 2018 Season!

If you missed it, here was my appearance on Petros and Money yesterday, which starts around the 22-minute mark.

USC holds its third practice of spring this morning and Clay Helton will speak. But he said Tuesday, “this will be the last time I talk about the 2018 season.”

So no questions are allowed about last year? I guess if you do a poor coaching job you don’t want to get asked about it. Maybe if you don’t talk about a 5-7 season, it didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Helton said he asked Clancy Pendergast to simplify his defense. But Pendergast made it sound like it was his idea.

“Every year as a coordinator, you go back and look at things,” he said. “You looked at the personnel we had coming into this spring, how could we line em up differently? How could we line them up in the best spots possible?”

Every one on the same page, as usual.



7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Don’t Ask About 2018 Season!

  1. Of course nothing about what is really happening on the field. Leave that for the pros.
    Give Wolf the SorryAss award for diligence in bullshit.

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      1. Honestly Michael he said more about alignment in that quote and nothing about scheme. I must be naive and just can’t read between the lines like scottie.

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  2. OMG, Scott, coaches do that all the time after a bad game or season. “We’re not even going to review the game tape. I’m going to burn it.” You act like you’re new to the business.

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  3. And no thanks Enfield? Basketball is basically done for the year baring a miracle win over the PAC12. And the NIT isn’t an option due to the lack of quality wins.
    And Swann played golf while Troy burns. 🤬


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