USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  • College football analyst Phil Steele ranks USC No. 6 on his list of surprise teams for 2018.

Here’s the top 12: 1. Notre Dame 2. Texas 3. Michigan State 4. Michigan 5. Stanford 6. USC 7. FSU 8. Mississippi State 9. Boston College 10. TCU 11. Utah 12. South Carolina.

It is worth remembering Steele had USC ranked No. 3 in his Top 25 for 2015.

And that list of surprise teams is not that surprising. Notre Dame is No. 1, after all.

  • Rick Caruso, chair of the Board of Trustees, released a letter this morning. Here was the news: “Today, President Nikias and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees have agreed to begin an orderly transition and commence the process of selecting a new president.”

No timetable was given, of course.

  • USC coach Andy Enfield admitted forward Bennie Boatwright underwent surgery on his left knee. If you are a regular reader of his blog, you might remember I wrote April 10 that his knee required surgery.

He is projected to return in the fall but who really knows since USC is not always forthcoming on injuries.



6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  1. Scooter,

    Clarification, your first paragraph states that USC is ranked 6th in Steele’s ranking and then in the second paragraph they are ranked 7th. Is that a typo on your part or Steele’s part? BTW, that is too high for the Trojans. Steele thinks that the defense will be steller and it might be, however, with the two corners from last year and with the potential of them playing next year, they have a lot to prove in order to get that high ranking.

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    1. P.T. —-Steele actually puts together lots of lists (surprise teams, power-rated teams, schedule strength teams —-I could go on and on but, then, I’d turn into Phil Steele). The weird thing is —according to Scott —we’re rated #7 in the national rankings but THREE of the teams we play are ranked ahead of us (Notre Dame, Texas and Stanford). This means we’re supposed to be at 1 (win) and 2 (losses) after 3 weeks —- a weird way of earning a #7 ranking.

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