One Last Reggie Bush Thought And Some Other Quick Thoughts

  • Here’s something else regarding Reggie Bush: When he said “the guy who I took money from was my boy” and a “family friend,” why didn’t he pay him back?

A family friend lets your parents live in his house rent free and gives you other benefits and you don’t pay him back?

  • USC guard Elijah Stewart will work out for the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday. Stewart’s received less attention than Chimezie Metu, De’Anthony Melton or Jordan McLaughlin but deserves some NBA workouts.

Melton will work out for the Lakers on June 15.

How did USC handle the recent crisis that led to the downfall of school president Max Nikias?

“At the very moment USC needed to show itself to be trustworthy, honest and authentic and devastated, its statements made them appear otherwise,” a crisis expert told the Wall Street Journal. Read the full article here.


2 thoughts on “One Last Reggie Bush Thought And Some Other Quick Thoughts

  1. When I saw 20 plus hits for the last Reggie piece, I thought to myself, ‘Reggie should be good for at least one more go around.’ [To ensure that we haven’t seen the last of inflammatory Reggie pieces, I’ll rise to the bait]. Based on recent interviews — which are replete with contradictions—- it probably was a wise move for Reggie to go mum when contacted by the NCAA. And, it might be wise to stick with it. Nothing he says on the subject of his acceptance of ‘gifts’ makes any sense.


    1. He’s never passed the smell test. He’s the Pete Rose of college football. One of the all-time greats on the field, but he broke one of the cardinal rules off the field, and he screwed his school for about 10 years. People don’t forget that stuff. If the AP had pulled those two national championships like the BCS did, I’d be even more pissed at him, but they didn’t so really at peace with the whole thing. I was at both of those title games (Pasadena/Miami), and his taint doesn’t overshadow them.

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