Two USC Baseball Players Drafted

USC pitcher Solomon Bates was selected in the eighth round by the San Francisco Giants. Outfielder Lars Nootbaar was drafted in the eighth round by the St. Louis Cardinals.

By the way, is USC going to retain Coach Dan Hubbs?

There has not been a peep regarding the baseball program since the regular season ended. Are they waiting for some coaches to have their season end or do they just not care?


6 thoughts on “Two USC Baseball Players Drafted

  1. When are these major universities going to write a performance clause in their coaching contracts? The dismal showing by USC baseball should be ample excuse to terminate the coach, he hasn’t earned another year, or a buyout. To be honest he should be given a bus token for his next job interview.


  2. Good question which seems to have an easy answer. Fire his ass!
    Since when is USC afraid of a one year buyout although now with
    all the lawsuits going to be filed big money is going to be paid out.
    Both 8th round draftees are juniors with especially Nootbaar having
    a sub-par season should return to the fold. Bates finished strong will
    more than likely sign a contract. No peep about the Men Volleyball
    program which is in worst shape than baseball. AD Swann has no
    voice or guts to make a change.


    1. I like Danny Henley for the job…I hear he’s got his Masters so he’d probably like to teach English as well….he’s the closest thing I know to Rod out of all the Trojans I have met….he’s made Glendora tougher in baseball than I ever saw growing up in neighboring Covina….


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