USC Thursday Buzz

  • Former USC cornerback Jack Jones said he will either attend Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut or West Hills College in Lemoore.

Personally, I think it would be better for Jones academically to go to Lemoore.

Clay Helton says he would like Jones to return in 2019. I’m not sure if Helton will really want Jones back in a year, especially if his incoming freshman corners develop. Having Jones come back and possibly disrupt team chemistry when he would be eager to start would hardly be ideal.

I still think Jones will either turn pro or find another school.

  • Meanwhile, ESPN says USC has the ninth-toughest three-game stretch in the nation when it plays at Stanford, at Texas and hosts Washington State on a short week, Friday night game at the Coliseum.

Yes, they “ranked” three-game stretches. If you think USC has it bad, Oregon State is No. 1 because it finishes the season at Stanford, at Washington and hosts Oregon on a Friday. And the Beavers host USC the week before playing Stanford.

That is an awful November for Oregon State.

  • The Dodgers selected USC first baseman Dillon Paulson in the 13th round of the MLB draft.



7 thoughts on “USC Thursday Buzz

    1. As has been reported by several news services, Scott’s blog is coming to us this week from a temple in the Japanese Alps —where it is Thursday, June 7th…


  1. It’s good to sequester oneself when in crisis….take it all to the Lord in prayer, Jack Jack……the prayers of a desperate man avails much….restoration is in your future if you humble yourself and pray to the Almighty, my friend….


  2. Stephan, you are correct about taking problems to the Lord. do so privately and with people that you can trust to pray for you.

    I’m still not sold on Washington. I think Stanford and Texas are better than Washington.


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