USC Sunday Buzz: Rising Stars Camp Is Here

USC holds its Rising Stars Camp today that will also see colleges like Texas, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida visiting to watch prospects at Howard Jones Field. Among those attending are five-star defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux of Oaks Christian.

Last year, Jim Harbaugh attended the camp. So did his offensive coordinator, Tim Drevno, who was later fired and now is the running backs coach at USC.

Texas coach Tom Herman might make an appearance. He was at his alma mater, Cal Lutheran, on Friday for its Rising Stars Camp. That’s what everyone calls satellite camps now.

About 1,500 are expected at the USC camp.


5 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Rising Stars Camp Is Here

  1. Tom Herman’s roots in Southern California (along with his wife) should have made him a candidate for USC’s job in 2015 (maybe even 2013).

    Heritage Hall may have let a good one get away by not even giving him a long look.


    1. You can accuse Haden of a lot but one thing you can never take away from him is the fact that he was one lazy SOB.


  2. If Helton is let go, the USC AD needs to look at Herman.

    Where does the USC coaches go for their satellite camp visit?


    1. Not sure completely about satellite camps, but you can probably trace some of it back to Jim Harbaugh of Michigan…he was holding camps outside the state of Michigan to attract recruits and, rather than proliferation independently on “enemy territory”, many if not all schools decided to create these joint invitation camps for practicality sake regarding recruiting finance costs and diplomacy….there are exposure and cost benefits for recruits also….For instance, if a California player has questioned D1 talent but Ivy League smarts, it’s a good way for these parties to come together….and on up and down the ladders of college football….Harbaugh initially saw it as an avenue to expand his recruiting base but ruffled some feathers in the process…, a deal was implemented…..


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