UCLA’s Role In USC Track And Field Title

UCLA deserves an assist in helping USC win yesterday’s NCAA women’s track and field championship.

An unheralded part of USC’s dramatic victory was sprinter Angie Annelus surprisingly winning the 200 meters just before the 4×400 relay. She transferred this season from UCLA.

Without Annelus, USC has 10 less points in the meet.

UCLA also allowed 400-meter men’s hurdler Rai Benjamin to transfer to USC and he won the event for the Trojans at the NCAA championships.

Someone at UCLA should probably ask athletic director Dan Guerrero why he let two star sprinters go to their crosstown rivals and win NCAA individual titles and in Annelus’ case, an NCAA team title.

But UCLA track has become a shell of its former self and Guerrero seems unconcerned.


9 thoughts on “UCLA’s Role In USC Track And Field Title

  1. The question of the spring semester for Track. Where was USC originally in the recruiting process of these two national winners? Maybe the coaching staff did something right getting them to transfer especially from hated crosstown rival ‘ruins. The weight events were a zero, thought Dan Lange was some kind of guru in that department.


    1. Great points and insight, Steve….the Bruins can’t be happy with developments and I wouldn’t have realized fully had you not mentioned….you moved Scottie to launch, too…thank you.


  2. That’s two women NCAA Championships this year – water polo and this stunningly amazing development track and field. Total # now stands at 106.

    When are we going to find a great coach for baseball again?

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  3. My mom moved to .CA from St. Paul during the WWII she had heard of a school with a great football team but all she knew was it had letters for a name. She enrolled at UCLA. After football season she realized her mistake. She changed her major and schools thus began our Trojan family. Perhaps these track stars have a similar story.

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  4. Dan Guerrero couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a map. Do you think he even knows those athletes transferred to USC? Hell no. Do you think he even knows UCLA has a track team? Doubtful.

    He’s far too busy planning his next vacation to be bothered by caring about his job.


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