Time For Some Present And Future QB Talk

There’s really nothing to say except JT Daniels will be USC’s starting quarterback this season. USC held its first player-run practice Tuesday with the incoming freshmen and you can see for yourself watching the video from Scott Schrader of TrojanInsider.com.

Daniels can start the first game as far as I’m concerned. Now, let me be clear: I am saying no contest that he is the best quarterback at USC. But I am not putting him on a pedestal next to Sam Darnold and continue to be skeptical he will live up to all the hype.

Meanwhile, let’s talk high school quarterbacks: The best one at the Tuesday USC “practice camp” was Ryan Hilinski of Orange Lutheran.

No surprise he was offered a scholarship by USC on Tuesday. He is committed to South Carolina but maybe he will change his mind. Personally I’d advise him to go to South Carolina, just like I would have advised Jack Sears to go to Duke.

Why waste time sitting behind Daniels?

Why did it take USC so long to offer Hilinski, who was already offered by Ohio State? They needed more time to evaluate an Orange Lutheran QB? USC can pull the trigger on a quarterback from Scottsdale, Ariz., but not the one playing in the Trinity League?

Another QB to keep an eye on is DJ Ralph from Cathedral Catholic in San Diego. He is a Class of 2020 prospect and looked good Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Time For Some Present And Future QB Talk

  1. Aaron Corp…..I wouldn’t put Orange Lutheran ahead of too many Trinity League teams….there’s a difference….


  2. Hilinski has already stated that he doesn’t want to play in the Pac 12. After what happen to his brother he doesn’t want to put his parents through travel to the same stadiums. Although he has stated that the USC offer will make him rethink the situation.

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  3. No wonder it took ‘SC a while to offer the kid. Look at the photo of him up top holding the ball with the laces facing the WRONG WAY!


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