A Suggestion For Reggie Bush

A jury ordered the Rams to pay Reggie Bush $12.5 million in damages for an injury he suffered at a game in St. Louis in 2015.

Maybe Bush should give a portion to Todd McNair.

Or a donation to a scholarship fund for students to go to USC in conjunction with an overdue apology for his actions.

Or maybe a donation to a charity in the name of USC officials who defended Bush by saying he was unaware of the money his family received while he was in college.

” The guy who I took money from was my boy,” Bush said.

So Bush did know after all.


10 thoughts on “A Suggestion For Reggie Bush

  1. This is just a wild guess —but I don’t think Reggie will give one penny to McNair or to any of the school officials who defended him or to a scholarship fund……but please keep the Reggie articles coming —–as P. T. puts it, there should be “an episode a day.”


  2. Michael, thank you for the kind thoughts.

    Bush is just out for himself. No one else matters. That is a shame. he could and should have been one of the greatest ambassadors to USC, but being the selfish punk that he is, he was in it for himself only in terms of money. Until he apologizes to USC and their fans, he is in permanent exile from the school.

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  3. Maybe just maybe Jones ought to get the ‘inside puppet master’ who engineered Haden’s vanishing act while still being allowed to ‘re-design’ the LA Memorial Coliseum. Man Capper sure walked away unscathed just two years ago from that personal crime. Good to see Caruso clean house on all those listed here:


    I vote for Quick and Cornell – pair look like a pair of fratties off West 28th Street..

    Let’s find out why Haden is still there


    1. J,

      Please watch the reality show of the two Ball brothers during the season over seas.
      Melo. I know he’s a kid. But it’s unreal the way those kids look at the basketball/life.
      His teammates tried to reach out to him. They said he was lazy and lucky to be there.
      Poor kid.
      I feel for him.
      But even his brother could see his “me” first mentality getting in the way of him learning to play a team game.


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