Sometimes The Best Prospects Are Right In Backyard

I have to admit I am still flabbergasted USC did not offer Orange Lutheran QB Ryan Hilinski until yesterday.

So I asked a recruiting analyst with a major site his opinion: “Maybe they wanted to make sure he was interested?” he said.

Perhaps. But maybe he would be interested if offered sooner.

How is it possible that a Trinity League quarterback requires more evaluation than someone out of state who is rated lower by every recruiting service?

Again, I’m just asking questions. Like I said before, I think Hilinski is better off at South Carolina. But the way USC throws out scholarship offers, I can’t believe he did not receive one sooner.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes The Best Prospects Are Right In Backyard

  1. Didn’t he say that because of what happened to his brother, he wanted to play out-of-conference because he didn’t want to drag his parents into stadiums that would only trigger painful memories?

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    1. I believe I read the other day that his brother gave him advice before he passed that he should play for a southern or sec school. So as a tribute to his brother he chose the best sec school that would fit. Why his late brother advised him to play for a sec school I don’t know


  2. Hi,

    I am not up to speed Scooter on his brother’s mishap. If you would not mind, please inform us to the leading on why his brother said to go to the sec. Thank you.


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