Morning Buzz: Here’s Who USC Should Hire To Assist JT Daniels

That’s Norm Chow sitting behind home plate at last night’s Dodgers game. Maybe he should be hired to help out at USC.

Imagine JT Daniels getting coached by Chow? I bring it up because again yesterday I heard a source within the football program telling me how eagerly the coaches are awaiting the chances to start coaching Daniels on August 3.

Maybe Chow has a Western Kentucky link so Clay Helton would hire him. They both live in the South Bay so that might count for something.

Helton had the chance to hire former NFL head coach Norv Turner as quarterbacks coach after the season but turned Turner down. Turner was probably viewed as too big for the job.

But Chow would be good in a part-time role, which would not be a perceived threat to Helton, one would think. But he probably would still be considered one based on the hiring patterns at USC in recent years.



15 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Here’s Who USC Should Hire To Assist JT Daniels

    1. A June offer to a 6 win 6 loss quarterback IS NOT LATE!!!! Hard to make that case, Scott, when the Trojans already have 2 California State Title winners on the roster….I thought you were against greed….shake it off, please….it’s unbecoming…it’s a rally killer…✌️


  1. Scooter,

    Let us work through the thought that you provided. Let us say they do hire Chow, in what capacity or what would he do with Daniels that he would not do with the other two qb’s? Where does this leave the qb coach for USC? Are you saying to hire Chow as a consultant or as the qb coach? If they hire as a qb coach, then what happens to the current qb coach?

    Can we say this is another “Episode” for the summer? Just wondering.

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  2. All of the hype around JT Daniels doesn’t mean anything if USC has a subpar OL.

    A competitive championship team has talented players all around the team and at most of the positions. USC is lacking in some areas.

    A talented QB alone doesn’t make the team great if his supporting cast is not as good as it could be.


    1. Norm Chow is a charmed prince. I like him, always have, but the reason he flourished at USC was more due to Pete Carroll running the defense…..Norm found the going much tougher after that….and, before? Chow was in part benefitted by systems built around quarterback play like North Carolina State and BYU….we need the defense to make its stand and start being stingy if not down right mean and belligerent!

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      1. The other day you asked if Coach Helton was sincere about wanting Jack Jones to return eventually. You impugned Coach Helton’s character yet you have not provided any follow up on the matter with a young man’s immediate future on the line even after one of your staunch supporters has asked….what in the world, Tiger? Let’s go…


    2. One more consideration in evaluating J. T.’s chances —-the quality of the the D-Lines he’ll be facing. According to Phil Steele (and his 1001 factor formula), not one of the d-lines we’ll face in 2018 is in the top 20 in the nation (not even Stanford’s or Texas’ or Notre Dame’s). If Steele’s right (and he’s right more than he’s wrong), that fact alone suggests J. T. is gonna have an easier time of it than Sam did last year.

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      1. Greed, avarice and idol worship is why USC is in its predicament….I love Fight On and Tommy Trojan and all but not at the expense of my soul…whoever is in charge now needs to strike balance back into the school….this is the word from the Creator……amen.


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