USC Lunch Notes

  • Tailback Ronald Jones finally signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He signed a four-year deal worth $7.07 million with a signing bonus of $3.22 million.

Sounds like Jones made the right decision to turn pro.

  • USC basketball players working out today: Jordan McLaughlin is with the Suns while De’Anthony Melton is with the Trail Blazers. McLaughlin worked out with the Nuggets on Wednesday.

Is it possible McLaughlin could get drafted? Is Chimezie Metu anything but a second-round pick?

If the answer is no, all these workouts won’t have changed anything, will they?

  • Sam Darnold is currently listed No. 3 on the Jets’ depth chart. Let’s see where he is when a depth chart really matters.



3 thoughts on “USC Lunch Notes

  1. Still the question is, if you bring back Chow to tutor Daniels, then what good is the qb coach? You can’t have two qb coaches at SC. Besides, Daniels has a qb coach outside USC, then why would he need three and who would pay for Chow?


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