Another Reason Sam Darnold Was So Normal

With JT Daniels dominating the news, it’s interesting to see his father has decided to move from Irvine to Long Beach because he read college quarterbacks do better when their parents live closer.

Let’s remember Sam Darnold’s parents: They lived in San Clemente. They stayed in San Clemente when Darnold went to USC. They resisted sending him to Mater Dei, Santa Margarita or JSerra and sent him to the neighborhood school with his childhood friends.

Amazingly, it all worked out. They didn’t need to feed him sugarless cakes like Marv Marinovich or move to Long Beach, where Darnold’s grandmother happens to live. And he was still drafted No. 3 by the New York Jets.


14 thoughts on “Another Reason Sam Darnold Was So Normal

    1. Not a chance, Daniels is short, his OL SUCKS, his coaches SUCK, the kid will be lucky to make it through 2 season without being killed or regressing in a major way once the W. Kentucky rejects get a hold of him

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  1. Awaiting the report by outside counsel per the recent scandals (Porfiriato and the perv gynecologist) and also aside from Nikias, who else was part of the cover-up i.e. financial settlements to both, no reporting to the state agencies told Nikias or agreed with him to not ‘meet’ with a Times reporter nor accept the FedEx pkg. at his (Nikias’) home? What about Haden involvement with USC after what he did 2 years ago??


    1. I liked your photo line up of the officials who need to be shown the door at USC, Alv……


  2. Scooter,

    It is not so much the kids that are weird, but it is the parents that are acting strange. Yet, you write as if the kids had any say and they are responsible for the weird antics. Kids are either pleasing their parents or obeying them. They really have no say until around the junior or senior year of college. Thank you.


  3. Great points here Scott. People really over-do it with their kids sometimes. This father seems pretty intense; hope it all works out.


  4. You guys are a bunch of idiots. First off, of course a QB has a better chance to succeed if their parent(s) move closer. Duh. An 18 year old going to college to play the most pressurized position in all of sports? This is like saying the sun rises and it gets lighter out. And for those who think this somehow sissyfies the kid, then take it up with General Douglas MacArthur’s mother who moved to the house just outside the gates of the US Military Academy to be able to help him. She washed his clothes and fed him so he would have more time to study. This has been going on since time began. Its what parents do.

    Also, Barkley had feet make of cement. Daniels is quick afoot. He also seems to be very intelligent and poised. It was known throughout the entire Trinity League and power HS’s that Barkley could be flustered by one big hit early on. I believe Crespi did this to him, for one, when they played MD in the playoffs. They put in the fastest kid on the team as their right CB and told him to blitz as fast as he could and hit Barkley in the back. Barkley was ruined for the game. Daniels has no such tendency.

    At least know a little bit about what you write on. Lordy.

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    1. One other factor in J.T.’s favor —- unlike Barkley, he has hands big enough to grasp a football. He’s not going to lose control of the ball every third throw.


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