World Cup Talk

If you were a reader of my previous USC blog, you know I give the readers a chance to discuss the World Cup, which is off to a flying start after Ronaldo’s hat trick today in a 3-3 draw with Spain.

Did he already secure the golden boot?

There are four matches tomorrow: France-Australia; Peru-Denmark; Argentina-Iceland and Croatia-Nigeria.

The latter two matches should be entertaining even with the high standards set today by Portugal-Spain.

So who do you like to win it all?


13 thoughts on “World Cup Talk

  1. I’m going with Federer.
    This just in! New York’s Barbara Underwood is being pulled off the Trump Foundation case. It turns out that, a few years back, she was denied participation in one of Trump’s Beauty Pageants on the grounds of “protecting the ticket buying public.”

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      1. I didn’t really read that Beauty Pageant story, Alv —- I just inferred it from looking at her photo in the New York Times…..


  2. I know this is catching on fast across with the younger generation but soccer always reminds me of waiting for a gopher to pop up. “Oh look Sydney there it is!” “Glad I lost another 35 minutes Marge…”


  3. Scooter, I know that u love soccer more than anything else, but I want to let u know that soccer is not a sport. Look up sport in the Wrbster’s Dictionary and the definition for a sport is hand eye cordination. Now I gotta get back to watching paint dry and the grass gow competition. Much more entertaining.


  4. Alv —I think Merkel’s career would have taken a better turn if she hadn’t pulled away from Bush’s tender back rub at that G-8 Meeting…..


      1. Jeb is hoping for a second chance after the dumb republicans blow 2018 and Pelosi goes forward with her impeachment plans.


  5. Jeb is the rear end of a horse backing out of a barn. Trump summed him up best after seeing ‘mummsie’ walking precincts for him. “How sad is this? He’s got his mother out campaigning for him!”

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