USC In Sacramento

USC athletic director Lynn Swann was in Sacramento today supporting a bill regarding the qualifications of athletic trainers.

Meanwhile, as we said, three alleged student victims of Dr. George Tyndall testified at a State Senate hearing. USC also had attorneys at the hearing to defend the university.


6 thoughts on “USC In Sacramento

      1. GoDaddy messed it up and corrupted it. He was trying to get them to put him on a larger and faster server and they screwed up..he’s back up now..


  1. How about the qualifications of the men baseball and volleyball coaches?
    Lynn Swann had no training for Governor of Pa. or Athletic Director for a
    major university like his buddy Trump had for being elected President of
    the USA.


  2. And after 8 years Obama still had no idea on how to be a president. At least Trump has led a company for many years. Obama just took from the govt.

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