USC Gets Commitment From 3-Star Receiver

Robert Hoppie,

Puka Nacua, a wide receiver from Orem High School in Utah, committed to USC tonight. Nacua, a Class of 2019 prospect, had offers from Arizona, BYU, Cal, Nebraska, Nevada, UCLA, Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington.

He is a three-star according to because someone will insist he is actually a four-star recruit.


9 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From 3-Star Receiver

  1. I think we need to forget the stars on this one —-Nacua is a tall, fast, tough and intelligent player with a great attitude. He’ll be a success wherever he winds up —–and I hope he sticks with USC.

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    1. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t realize that Helton’s philosophy is to offer the three star fringe guys first. And then back away if they don’t pan out during their senior season!


      1. As a general proposition, I think you’re right, Joe….


  2. So what do you do Scott? Shop around for the lowest rating? The 24/7 composite shows him as a four star, and they are just what they say, a composite of all the services. Worst of all, his stats which you don’t show, clearly put him in very good if not elite status.

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    1. I’m tired of the star ratings. USC has had so many 5-stars who weren’t even worth 1 star. We need to look at fit. This receiver looks like he fits. Plus, if Utah and Washington want him, he must have potential.

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  3. There have been some head-scratching offers/commitments to kids who are not USC level players, like Slovis and Quinones.

    This one doesn’t bother me. Apparently, he is a long target with excellent hands. Between him and McClain (6’4″), USC is focusing on tall and long receivers for JTD.

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  4. Just a reminder, five star recruits don’t do well at the college level, while three star recruits do. That is why evaluation is very important. The coaches have to see them play and see if they will fit in the system and how they will play with future teammates and opposition. The coaches have to make very smart decisions. After four years, SC will have invested a million dollars into the kid, through tuition, room and board, books, travel, hotel expense, training, food, medical, an other items. This came from Helton himself when he was talking to a recruit. I work with his mother and she was at the meeting when he said that.

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