Morning Buzz: Don’t Expect USC To Sign All Commitments

USC has seven commitments and six of the players are three-star prospects according to

There’s nothing wrong with taking a three-star prospect but several times in the past few weeks, even recruiting analysts seem surprised when someone commits to the Trojans.

So last night, again, I spoke to someone who works within the USC football program.

“There’s no way everyone currently committed will sign next February,” the person said.

So what is the point? To have commitments now in case other players don’t commit later? USC doesn’t need to do that so I’m not so sure.

There has to be a good reason. Maybe Clay Helton wants to load up on good character, lesser-known prospects to avoid problems in 2-3 years.

The only problem is some of these guys won’t actually sign with USC. How many? I will let you set the over/under on that . . . for now.


6 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Don’t Expect USC To Sign All Commitments

    1. The recruiting roller coaster never changes save the dates the NCAA tinkers with so getting worked up over what happens in spring and summer usually an exercise in futility, not that we don’t appreciate the name recognition…Gerard Martinez is great for USC football recruiting,
      and yes, the linemen need to be where our bread is buttered….


      1. That’s why you see USC football recruiting usually FINISH strong: because they’re not usually showing their hand in the early calls.


  1. This is really not a big deal. It annoys me to a certain extent since we all know that most of these players won’t make it on the signing day class. But Helton and his staff put it all on the table and the kids know they should keep every option open because the staff will also be keeping all possible options open.

    ***If worst comes to worst. A 3-Star kid gets bumped by USC but has every other offer in the Pac-12 now***

    Case Closed


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