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8 thoughts on “USC Tweet Of The Day

  1. This remodeling going on at the Coliseum really sucks. I used to park in Lot 6, now they have me in a structure on Jefferson and Figueroa. If you want to park in Lot 6 , you have to pay an additional $300. I reminded them that I have paid for C&G and tickets for this season and the renovation fee that is due for 2019. They don’t care. As long as they get the money they throw you away. I used to sit in Section 10, Row 46, now I am going to Section 17, Row 77. Real nice of them. Not happy.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about how the remodeling has affected your tickets. Is anyone surprised that attendance is dwindling with the growing costs associated with attending a game versus the high definition telecasts at home?


      1. Yeah then again maybe attendance is dwindling because of the forecast by many on the steady decline in coaching and expectations i.e. this year 2018….w.o. Darnold look for 3 – 5 losses and hopefully tossing Helton out the door.


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