USC Picture Of The Day


USC coach John Robinson congratulates Anthony Gibson after he scored one of his three touchdowns in a 41-21 victory over Stanford in 1982. Quarterback Sean Salisbury is No. 7.


7 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Nice picture…that was my first weekender…the Trojans beat Stanford whose quarterback was John Elway……the Trojan defense was tough….


    1. By the time we rolled back into campus in the motor home I realized my Astronomy Midterm was that day so they dropped me on campus and I ran to Seely G Mudd to take the test but the door was chained and padlocked because they didn’t allow sloppy latecomers like I was…I waited in the stairwell for Dr. Forester and he came out after the exam and I begged for mercy….he said, Mr McGhghy where were you? I began to squeal in panic and he said STOP! Just take the final exam and that will count for your entire grade lol….he was a great professor! I believe I scored a C….

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      1. I had just had Tommy John surgery on my left elbow 2 months earlier performed by Dr. Frank Jobe and it was a very difficult disappointing time for me personally because I had an inkling that my baseball career was over before it got started…USC football was the only thing that made me happy so I will always love it….USC made good on my scholarship until I graduated even though I was damaged goods….fight on!

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      2. Great story, Stephen —-but did you ever get KICKED OUT of a class at USC (as opposed to locked out)? I had that honor. I was told I could come back when I stopped laughing at the instructor’s poetry. Dean Fertig saw me in the hall, asked why I wasn’t in class and I told him I got booted for laughing at the professor. He said, “Wow —I don’t remember this ever happening before.”


    2. It was huge for me because I turned down Claremont McKenna and Navy as I had an appointment to Annapolis to play basketball and baseball….

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      1. Michael, sometimes people forget amid the crisis the wholesome goodness that USC shows to many past, present and future….the neighborhood academic initiative is one well done….

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