Good Thing Chimezie Metu Skipped NIT

USC forward Chimezie Metu was selected 49th in the second round by the San Antonio Spurs.

So let’s review: Metu skipped the NIT so he could get picked 49th?

Did his stock slip because he sat out the NIT? Of course not.

Did he let his teammates down? Did he cost his team a likely trip to New York City for the NIT Final Four?

The answers to those questions are yes. An NBA writer I spoke to Thursday night said Metu will be fighting to make the Spurs roster.

Meanwhile, De’Anthony Melton went to the Houston Rockets with the 46th pick. USC congratulated him after the selection. Some people found that odd considering USC would not clear him to play all season.

Elijah Stewart signed a contract with the Indiana Pacers and will join their Summer League team.


17 thoughts on “Good Thing Chimezie Metu Skipped NIT

  1. Good riddance is more like it. I wonder what it would have been like for USC basketball if we still taught character in schools.


    1. parents, friends of the family, agents all to blame for the society they create…..get yours, but leave your school in the dust….and they wonder why people get irritated.

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      1. they need to revise scholarship offers and include penalty clauses for those sitting out for the draft…Make them reimburse the school for the entire year affected by the player exercising their rights….college bowl season became unwatchable with the epidemic sit outs…


      2. Include clauses in the school’s initial offer to create recourse against those caught taking cash as well.


      3. Widespread legalized gambling coming, too…so you should include it…protect the credibility and quality of the product to combat fraud and conspiracies…


      4. Status quo rules and regulations no longer adequate in NCAA sport school matters….buyer beware…


  2. Metu says he saved himself from injury by not playing in the nit tournament. Why did he choose that time? Why didn’t he choose the beginning of league play or even the season? I think if he played in the tournament, his stock would have gone higher and definitely make the league.


    1. Professionals should and do measure character when considering investment…if a player sits on his ballclub, i wouldn’t draft him because they have already displayed their wellness are above the team and organization and fan and spirit of the game….do you want another prima donna ruining sport….pass….


      1. Why should we watch watered down products at the end of the season?…I would think television and other elements would sooner or later protest…


  3. Stephen, he signed up to play basketball at USC. He quit on his team when he wanted to quit. The season wasn’t over. He is another Scottie Pippin, a quitter


  4. Metu was a lottery pick – or at least in the 12 – 18 range – prior to this last season. He played well and had a nice shot from distance. I’m curious what, exactly, turned teams off. Lack of a consistent motor? Hitting dudes in the nuts? (a la Leonard Washington against Blake Griffin) His willingness to call out the school over Melton’s situation? I guess it’s a cornucopia of crap on his resume. Regardless, I’d love to see him hit the D-League and work like a beast on his game. He can be a really good player.


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