If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The Notes Column

USC has three weekend visitors: Five-star cornerback Chris Steele and four-star tight end Jude Wolfe of St. John Bosco along with four-star defensive tackle Siaki Ika of Salt Lake City. The question with Steele is when he commits to USC.

  • Speaking of St. John Bosco, a season ticket for Braves games cost $55 each. For a prep game! Granted, it is St. John Bosco, but $55!
  • USC offered a scholarship to 2021 wide receiver Christian Dixon of Diamond Ranch. It was just his second scholarshup offer. Does USC offer too many receivers?
  • It will be interesting to see if any NBA teams sign Jordan McLaughlin. His size remains the biggest issue. Update: The Nets signed McLaughlin on Friday to their summer league team.
  • Has anyone seen Max Nikias on vacation yet?
  • The USC bookstore is now selling the Traveler pool toy (pictured below).


10 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The Notes Column

  1. There’s a good reason why Max has not been seen on vacation. He’s working on something Big. Be patient. Let the storm clouds pass. Max will surface again at a place and time of his choosing. And, yes, he will STILL be our President.

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  2. I have lost count on how many receivers USC has offered since February. It seems like SC is signing 85 receivers in the next three years. Sheesh, don’t they know that there are other positions in need and want.

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    1. I just thought of something, P. T. —-if we lined up everybody as a receiver, the defense wouldn’t be able to rush since they’d have to cover everybody —-and we wouldn’t need an o-line.

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    1. Pudly — I just listened to a hilarious tape made by someone who does Max Nikias’ voice absolutely perfectly —inflections, pace, favorite phrases —everything. In it, “Max” basically says, “I’d like to leave USC ASAP. But nobody on the Board knows what the hell they’re doing —-I don’t trust any of them. Luckily I’ve heard about somebody —a young man named Scott —Scott Wolf, I believe. He sounds like the man we’ve all been looking for. I’m turning everything over to him.”

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  3. This dual scandal is going to be cannon fodder for years to come especially the musings of the rats who get tossed out with Nikias when their ‘memoirs’ are recorded and published. The real dirt will flow from the underlings as it always does and this is when the top tier had better hope they treated staff with respect than with contempt Looking at the mugs of the 11 (including Nikias) don’t bank on it.


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