It’s Time To Bury This Recruiting Tradition

If you go on twitter or Instagram, you can easily find photos of recruits visiting colleges and wearing a full football uniform of the school.

I recently saw a recruit wearing a head band, bicep bands and wrist bands while donning a USC uniform. And this was for a staged photo at a Coliseum with a dirt field!

I get that it provides a thrill for the kids, but it has definitely jumped the shark.

I’m ready for the NCAA to ban this practice.


10 thoughts on “It’s Time To Bury This Recruiting Tradition

    1. I almost forgot …. first, Kiffin says there’s ONE area —-and only ONE area—he NEVER wants to talk about, then he repeats himself in print, then he repeats the admonition several more times to all the beat writers, then he holds a post practice presser and repeats himself again (“never, never ask me about injuries —you can ask me about anything else —but never ask me about injuries”), and as soon as Kiffin stops talking and opens things up for questions…. Scott immediately asks for an injury update….

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    2. I know. That is his genius.
      You also forgot that Kiffin banned him and then was forced to eat crow, apologize and invite The Wolfman back.
      Another in the long list of times Scott was right and Kiffy was a Richard.


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