Has Any Recruit Ever Had An Unsuccessful Visit?

Five-star cornerback Chris Steele of St. John Bosco had a successful visit to USC this weekend. Has any recruit ever had an unsuccessful visit?

Based on what I hear, Steele might not officially commit to USC until January. But he will probably unofficially commit much earlier than that.

You know who else had great visits? Defensive tackle Siaki Ika of Salt Lake City; linebacker Laiatu Latu of Carmichael, Calif. and tight end Jude Wolfe of St. John Bosco (pictured above).

  • Meanwhile, four-star tailback Zach Charbonnet of Oaks Christian High School committed to Michigan.
  • Since I focused this weekend on scholarship offers, USC’s made 123 to Class of 2019 prospects. That is nearly idential to UCLA (126) but far less than Stanford (67). Washington has made only 80.

What school is really crazy? Oregon. The Ducks have made 266. Must be a directive from Phil Knight to offer everyone.


13 thoughts on “Has Any Recruit Ever Had An Unsuccessful Visit?

  1. R J Soward remember that dude – he was a special teams/receiver coke addict and played in the NFL, CFL & IFL point being the flip side – would have been better if he hadn’t had a ‘successful’ visit.


      1. You’ve got your signals crossed on this one, Karma. O. J. didn’t do coke —it was the ‘real murderers’ who were mixed up with coke.


  2. Alv –Doesn’t Maxine remind you of Martin Luther King when she speaks?
    Or Robert Kennedy?


      1. …or, Karma, for reasons you and I will never understand, she thinks its fun to talk and act AS THOUGH she were brain dead…

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  3. Mike there’s a USA home grown real working class hero akin to Orwell little known – William Herrick – went to Spain and wrote a novel or two ‘Hermanos’ about Jan Berzin’s (GRU) frolics in Madrid through 1937.

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    1. Wow! Thanks, Alv. Between the time you posted and this posting by me, I took the time to read about Herrick’s fascinating life. Another unsung hero of truth.


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