USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

There was a fury on twitter last night when a USC recruiting service ( reported five-star cornerback Chris Steele had committed to USC.

The backlash was strong because fans were upset over the report because Steele apparently has planned an announcement video and it’s pretty widely known he wants to go to USC. It is interesting that some of most prominent national recruiting analysts tied to the USC recruiting site never picked up the report, apparently not wanting to upset a recruit.

This is the dance recruiting sites must do: Report intensely on recruiting but risk alienating a recruit/recruits if you jump the gun.

But here is my issue: Why is it OK for USC to jump the gun?

During last year’s early signing period, a USC football staffer (tied to recruiting) tweeted out a “fight on” emoji every time the football office received a letter of intent. The football staffer tweeted 11 times but USC signed only 10 recruits.

Naturally, that made people wonder who the 11th recruit was? It turned out to be safety Talanoa Hufanga, who waited the following week to make an announcement.

Some fans were upset when it was reported before the announcement that Hufanga signed with USC. But none of the fans blamed the USC staffer. Why not? Because it is always easier to blame the media. Never USC.

  • Four-star offensive tackle Devontae Dobbs of Belleville, Mich., committed to Michigan State. He also considered USC.
  • USC players have another passing session scheduled at 5:30 p.m. today. You can watch JT Daniels, perhaps even meet his father.
  • Jordan McLaughlin (basketball) and Gussie Johns (lacrosse) were named Tom Hansen medal winners by the Pac-12, which is based on “performance and achievement in scholarship, athletics and leadership”

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  1. I can’t say enough about Jordan McLaughlin! Thank you to him and his parents which have been inspirational to me as a distant observer ….I desperately pray for his spot in the NBA….so should you….


      1. Matthew 18:20……this is why I ask you Trojans to pray….because, togetherness is good in the sight of the Creator…..


  2. The difference between the tweeting of emojis and what you so callously announced was that the school never used his name, you did.. the school didn’t steal his thunder rendering his announcement moot and taking away what is basically a once in a lifetime experience that only a few are able to enjoy. You did it why? Same reason as Swanson, you’re jealous that no one cared what you do/did.
    If you can’t see the difference between tweeting a generic emoji or announcing his name, you are really dense.

    Cue a Haden piece…


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