USC Camp Season Is Over!


With June coming to a close, the myriad camps at USC are finally over. They even had a specialists camp last weekend.

Around 2,000 players showed up for the different camps along with around 50 colleges at the satellite camp.

Was there any news?

Well, USC got mad at the Florida coaches for trying to sneak conversations with Chris Steele outside the McKay Center. But it obviously did not make an impact on Steele.

USC also got to see more of players like quarterback Ryan Hilinski of Orange Lutheran, who finally got a scholarship offer.

The USC coaches are usually thrilled at the end of June. The camps are over. They made some side cash from them. And now they get some vacation time in July before training camp starts.


7 thoughts on “USC Camp Season Is Over!

  1. As a teacher every time I teach a new group I am forced to return to basics and build from there. If the coaches are teachers I am going say they probably are better off for having conducted these camps.

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  2. Ryan’s brother Tyler was in the news again today. After being studied a report, according to CBS sports, said that his brain was that of a 65 yr old due to the CTE damage. I’m not sure I could let any of my surviving children play if that happened to a child of mine.


  3. Was there any “news at Summer Camp?” Yes! It turns out two of the quarterbacks—– who bore a striking resemblance to one another—-were actually twin brothers separated as infants by divorce. They decided (with Coach Helton’s blessing) to switch identities and meet their other parent when they get home in the hopes of bringing the two back together again.

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      1. Ha! [Is that “equitable distribution” according to the 1992 case of Solomon v. Solomon? Or the more direct approach applied by King Solomon]?

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