USC Website War Is On

The Chris Steele commitment controversy has sparked a USC website war.

With blood in the water, one immediately asked, “Are you unhappy with your current website?”

Another offers five-weeks of unlimited access for free.

It’s highly competitive and just takes something small to start a feeding frenzy.

Don’t worry, this blog is free!

Hey, it could be worse. This blog could be run by a sexagenarian with no real inside knowledge of USC.

How do you think it will be handled next month when Mater Dei QB Bryce Young is supposed to announce? Who will break the story?


9 thoughts on “USC Website War Is On

  1. The day is near when Scott will drive the tired competition off their blogs……and the editors of the football preview magazines from their posts …..and the radio and television commentators off the airwaves……..

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