JT Daniels Does Not Throw At Practice Session

USC held a player-run practice Tuesday night at Howard Jones Field. Quarterback JT Daniels was present but did not throw.

In the old days, whether a quarterback threw in a summer T-shirt and shorts practice was irrelevant. But since we are talking about the Golden Child, it is news. Jack Sears was not at the practice so only Matt Fink threw passes.

Daniels’ father, Steve, was not at the practice. But he probably knew his son was not throwing so why would he be?

There were two security guards at practice. Maybe USC was worried an agent might stop by to watch.





9 thoughts on “JT Daniels Does Not Throw At Practice Session

  1. Maybe the team is loyal to Fink. Maybe Sears had a sale. If Sears decides to transfer will he wear a Searsucker suit? Maybe the security guards were agents in secret. That makes them secret agents. Is Daniels name Jack? Maybe Sark wants him.
    Maybe I’ll skip a few days here.

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  2. Breaking News: J. T. Daniels just announced he isn’t practicing again until the web site wars are over….and Scott has emerged triumphant….


    1. Why I say there suh the use of ‘initials’ rather than a name always has the bouquet of some one hailing from ‘the confederacy’. Pwerhaps ‘J.T.’ is actually ‘Jubal Thaddeus’ or some other motley mess akin to the name of a law firm. But I digress, by intent mind you. Seein’ how this here child hails from south of LA County why I’d say my speculation maybe on target afterall…his daddy have a dawg name of ‘Beauregard’ or a goat called ‘Old Sonnet’? Time to tune that thar’ banjo and start belting out ‘the bonnie blue flag’!


      1. Initials are cute but true fame is when they refer to “Coach” and, without even naming the sport or the era, everyone knows they mean John Wooden.

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  3. Wow! Wolf you are crapping on JT before the kid has even taken a class or played one minute. It is no wonder your blog is crap. The “Golden Child” huh. What a sorry excuse for a journalist you are. Oh that’s right, you don’t have a real job. Seems fitting….


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